Sunday, January 6, 2013

on the way to the wedding, dressed in black

There's some debate over whether or not the world's hottest curry is, in point of fact, actually food. With twenty ghost peppers per plate, clocking in at over twenty million Scoville heat units, it's no wonder Dr. Rothwell started to hallucinate from the pain after taking only a few bites.

And have a list of some of the weirdest video game spin-offs in game history--including possibly the strangest sequel in the Final Fantasy franchise, "Theatrhythm", the really odd "Silent Hill: Book of Memories" (wherein the single-protagonist face-your-horrors franchise became a multi-person actioner shooter), "Metal Gear: Acid (the...collectible card game??), and "Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix", the game that fails on both being a good DDR sequel, and a playable sequel to the Mario series of games.

Oh, and only the top Next/Previous buttons seem to work on that link, so keep that in mind.

Two years ago, Red Dead Redemption launched as a game. On an entirely unrelated search, I found a few new (to me) videos of the (oh, so VERY many) glitches in the game. I thus offer them to you if there's interest: let me introduce you to the piano wizard, the rare wild boar-man, the equally rare bird men of Red Dead Redemption (apparently, this glitch has since been patched), the rare wild cougar mount, the spring-loaded wagon, and the roaming packs of feral girls. Um...enjoy?

I'm not entirely sure if a banana slicer is really necessary, but--anticipating some sort of culinary demand--Amazon laid hands on a few. While you're wrapping your minds around the fact that a specialty kitchen implement solely to slice bananas (which now accompanies various strawberry, pineapple, mushroom, apple, avocado, cheese, tomato, egg and other slicers) is now a thing, check out the comments on the...can we call it a 'device' with no moving parts? I'm not honestly sure. But the comments--as well as the recommendations--are few, but fabulous. People have been having fun with this one.

I'm sure that everyone reading this knows about the awarding of Nobel prizes. They are, and have been for quite some time, the highest pinnacle of scientific and intellectual achievement on the planet.

But did you know about the Ig Nobel awards? This is a list of all winners, from when the Ig Nobels first started in 1991, to the present day. You may mourn the death of intelligent thought that many of the award-holders seem to have suffered, but there were good reasons everyone was awarded their Ig Nobility, for lack of a better term.

Also, the Aeroscraft nears a launch date! It's incredibly large, incredibly spacious, seems to have both transport and military applications, and could end up a leader in commercial cargo delivery in the very near future. Considering the high price of gas these days, that would be good for this company, not so good for existing shipping firms.

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