Sunday, January 13, 2013

I couldn't find a better man to let me go

Seen at Coco Designs:

(from the Avatars album; the divine Gigy Flux)

May I present to you the fabulous Miss Gigy Flux, who did not know I was taking pictures of her, but who was nonetheless divine anyway.

(from the Avatars album; the divine Gigy Flux)

People, I tear down a lot of different avatars on this blog. I always have; I likely always will. But here, heels to the top of that incredibly poufed hair, is an avatar that gets it right.

(from the Avatars album; the divine Gigy Flux)

The only shot of the back of her dress I was able to get; that one last shot, and she was gone. Fare thee well, Miss Flux; may you have truly exceptional adventures in a life full of glitter and luxe things.

Her hair was from HoB; but she ported off before I could get any other information (or compliment her on the look!).

(Also, if you're interested, Coco Designs has a free Dorothy mesh doll avatar at the beam-in point.)

Zombie lips! With real little zombies! Actually, her entire deviantArt account bears perusal, for the afficionados of makeup and costume. Which reminds me, I should pass some of these on to Miss Mocksoup, to peruse for inspiration.

More fun can be seen over here, with a blend of lip gloss, powder pigment, white eyeshadow and thin Fimo cane slices used for the effect. (You can see more in her gallery, including a Beetlejuice eye, crime scene lips, extreme bling (with a Tiffany variant), Maleficent lips, the Black Swan, a tiger eye, and a blend between the Disney and the Burton Cheshire cats. Impressive.)

And while we're on the subject of deviantArt, let me introduce you to tweebears. These may, in fact, be the world's smallest jointed bears. Most clock in at about 1/4" tall...or smaller.

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