Thursday, January 10, 2013

makes me want to be a little stronger; still I see monsters

So so so many links to things today.

First up: Linden Lab carefully screens mesh makers so they won't just rip mesh models from other games and upload them for quick Lindens, but...who do we complain to once they start doing exactly that? Every single thing in Manticore's shop is a straight model rip from Final Fantasy XI. There is nothing original in that shop, not one thing, from textures to the actual mesh models themselves.

I pulled up the "Baby Boco" model and actually started to flag the item, but the only thing that seemed to apply was that Manticore was violating my IP rights, and I'm not the injured party, Square Enix is.

There's going to be an upcoming change in Monopoly tokens, apparently. I can't vote, because you have to have a Facebook account, but if you have a Facebook account, and you want your opinion registered, that link will show the new proposed designs, and how to vote for the old token you want to keep.

I'm maybe not the best voice of Monopoly traditionalism, anyway--I usually play the Mind Flayer.

Things like this just make me never want to own an iPhone 5. Also, longcat is long, but we knew that. Also, I don't know whose girlfriend is in the panoramic view, but if that jagged distorted thing and her deeply frightening expression are an example of the panoramic setting on the iPhone 5? That's actually a deterrent for getting one.

David Bowie has a new single out! You can see the first video and pre-order the album on Bowie's site. Because Bowie just is that cool.

Few days ago, Gizmodo leaked that PhotoShop CS2 had gone free. Apparently that's not quite the case, but Adobe just can't be bothered to correct the misunderstanding at this point,'s effectively free. Ish. Sorta.

Moving to quirky gadgets, I have to admit the breakfast station makes me giggle. Small coffeemaker, small griddle--just big enough for one egg and a couple of sausages--and a toaster oven for toast. All in one device. It's suitably odd, but fun.

More gadget news--there's a terabyte solid-state computer hard drive (SSD) that will be released for under six hundred dollars. It technically rates as a 960 Gb drive, but seriously, that's still an amazing amount of memory for the price. It should release in the first quarter of 2013.

Also, if you want to mess with the heads of your guests, this would be a good way for more futuristic design ethics.

And while I don't spend a great deal of time on Pinterest, on occasion there are some fascinating board concepts. Like that one from "lettybird"--some of the most innovative architectural ideas worldwide, with links to source content.

The UK Royal Mail is putting out Doctor Who stamps in honor of the show's upcoming fiftieth anniversary. It's obvious they gave some serious thought to each design, and they look SO impressive.

And finally, the first full trailer for the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 MMO has released, and I have to admit, I am so anticipating this one. It's likely more than we can afford, but right now, I just want more information! If it all looks like that, I am going to be waiting impatiently by the door into the game!

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