Monday, January 14, 2013

all the others just disgust me

While spending some time in inventory organization, I caught a few worrying lines from the Builders' Brewery group:

[03:09] Dxxxxx Exxxx: what can you do if trapped in a cage?
[03:09] Axxxxx Bxxxxx: is the griefer named Frank? he's doing it at Little Blue also
[03:09] Mx Lxxxxxxxx: read a book
[03:09] Axxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Rezz a prim, sit on it, and edit yourself out maybe
[03:09] Emilly Orr: Port home or log out and log back in somewhere else.
[03:09] sxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxxx: frank (dartman07)
[03:09] Axxxxx Bxxxxx: yep..that's him

In this case, names were not changed to protect the guilty. You'll see why in a bit.

At any rate, it seemed fairly serious, and fairly blatant. And it seemed to be getting worse:

[03:11] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: try filing a report and take a pic
[03:11] Axxxxx Bxxxxx: I did it here in Little Blue...
[03:11] Emilly Orr: Do fill out a report and snap a pic.

[03:11] Axxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah I'd want to AR and have snapshots and stuff - cos the cage bit is especially annoying
[03:11] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it takes time sometimes and frank is in the group i see

That statement killed my brain. And he wasn't just in the Builder's Brewery group; he was in the Speakeasy group, too.

[03:11] Emilly Orr: Also, for someone in this group and the speakeasy group to be caging people? I'd say he needs to apologize, or be kicked from the groups.
[03:12] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Now he's got me caged in a Porta-Potty!
[03:12] Lxxx Axxxx: naming someone in group chat can get you into trouble
[03:13] Axxxxx Bxxxxx: Franks reply when I told him he was being reported?..."Cool"...
[03:13] Emilly Orr: If he's running around griefing people I would damn well hope it gets him in trouble.
[03:13] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: trouble or not i like to know who to look out for and LL does go after griefers

Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but it's never a bad idea to send them a report so that they know, at least.

Still, the fact that this idiot was actually in the group bothered me for some reason. And then it got worse:

[03:14] frank (dartman07): is there a mod on?
[03:14] Emilly Orr: You're kidding, right?
[03:15] frank (dartman07): sorry we have a griefer here & im trying to do some work :(

The absolute gall of this weakened oyster of a man...First, he griefs everyone in a group-only sandbox; then he joins the chat pretending he's being griefed along with everyone else! I mean, really. What kind of a knuckle-dragging Visigoth do you have to be to find this amusing in any way?

[03:15] Sxxxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: Frank, stop the griefing and I'll release you
[03:15] Wxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: there is a griefer at builders brewery his name is dartman07
[03:15] Wxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx): I have reported him to LL
[03:15] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: busted frank
[03:16] Emilly Orr: I would say Frank's behavior qualifies as violating the rules
[03:16] frank (dartman07): please get a mod here

The problem was, there were no mods on at three in the goddamn morning. And I found myself actually getting seriously irked that he was still playing the innocent here.

Still, as it's happened before, someone who owned a prim sets it out full-perm, some miscreant grabs it and passes it off as the owner's prim, and not their own scripted griefing object...I figured, I owed it to myself at least to go see what was going on with my own eyes.

So I packed up what I was doing and traipsed over. It didn't take me long from the main beam-in point to find the sandbox (for anyone who doesn't know, it's behind the new Creators' Village, in the north corner of the sim), and what I saw when I got there went a far cry past one simple caging:

(from the bizarre album; griefing attack in the Builders' Brewery group sandbox)

By the time I arrived, the cages were gone, and the last bout of giant pencils were just beginning to fade. The bigger problem was now the scripted bouncing objects, and--closer to the ground--the screaming flat prims. Both ones I'd dealt with before as an estate manager--the scripted bouncers being Mario (I've also seen Suiseiseki being used), and the screaming prims being headcrab zombies (which are especially annoying, as they tend to be auto-generated from transparent cubes that generally hover around 1000 meters up, and spawn anywhere between 800 meters up and ground level):

(from the bizarre album; griefing attack at the Builders' Brewery sim)

[03:17] Lxxx Axxxx: there are no mods in chat as far as I can see by the chat list
[03:17] Emilly Orr: Wau, you're not kidding. Massive griefing attack going on.
[03:17] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Is anyone being griefed by someone named dartman07?
[03:18] frank (dartman07): well more fun for me then :D

Remember when I said I was deliberately leaving dartman07's name exposed? This is why. He was bragging about it at this point.

[03:18] Emilly Orr: All owned by frank (dartman07)....and you're complaining about people griefing that AREN'T you, Frank?
[03:18] sunshine Juneberry: just tp out if your being griefed

The problem being--though I may be the only one who does this--is that when I'm reporting a griefing attack, I tend to stay on site so I can accurately record the sim, my position on the sim, and snap a decent image of the attack to send to the Lab.

[03:18] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Massive attack, and using very obscene items too! How can he be allowed here? This used to be such a nice place to create.
[03:18] rxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxx: so that's you dumping all the prims, psycho-frank?

The other problem, of course, is that the attack spread. It took less than a minute for the sandbox to fill up with unwanted, unnecessary prims, and then it overflowed to the sim at large.

[03:19] Zxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: griefers are truly a lower form of life
[03:19] frank (dartman07): hehe
[03:19] Lxxx Axxxx: take pics, collect all evidence and report to group mods and LL
[03:20] Lxxx Axxxx: and don't feed trolls
[03:21] sxxx Xxxxxx: frank your computer will be traced not your account YOUR COMP! so by all means have your fun!
[03:22] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Axxxxx: It is a child are dealing with a child.
[03:22] wxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: you must have a very sad rl life if u need to annoy people on sl to get your kicks, what goes around come around

Karma being what it is. And yes, it tends to, but never fast enough:

(from the bizarre album; griefing attack at the Builders' Brewery sim)

By the time I'd filed a report with the Lindens, and sent a notecard to one of the sim owners, the entire sim was infected.

[03:23] frank (dartman07): kay im tping out now
[03:23] frank (dartman07): enjoy
[03:23] frank (dartman07): next sandbox to hit

Some days I really hate people.

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