Thursday, January 17, 2013

the shock hit eleven, got lost in your eyes

I don't know. You deal with it. For some reason that weirds me out.

So at the behest of a friend, I found myself at Candy Mountain, a store I'd never heard of. Damn, that store is bright:

(from the shopping album; the Candy Mountain main store)

Also, all that bright and color come with occasional hazards. Avoid the ceiling tentacles:

(from the shopping album; the Candy Mountain main store)

There's also a couple group gifts, scattered about, if you're in the group (it's a one-time fee of L$75, but currently, she's got a pretty amazing skin sale, and I'm a sucker for eyes, so yeah, joined the group), but keep in mind, they're close to another tentacle!

(from the shopping album; the Candy Mountain main store)

Wing crumple! Oh no!

I was there, ostensibly, to try to track down this dress (or a reasonable variant thereof):

(from the Comparisons album; Candy Mountain's "Puddi" dress for the Black Friday event in November of last year)

As it turns out--after thoroughly exploring the store--there's nothing that matches this dress in the least. I may contact the maker, but yeah, not holding out any hope for acquiring a copy of my own.

[Insert from the Editrix: I was wrong here. There actually are copies in-store of this outfit, which I completely glossed over because they didn't match the one picture I had in my head. Oops. More in this entry.]

The other version's over at Perfect Wardrobe, an occasional event in the Escapes sim. This time out, it has "Candy" as the here comes Yulicie's offering for the event:

(from the Comparisons album; Yulicie's "Candy" dress for Perfect Wardrobe)

Currently on offer--two-packs of the (mesh) dresses, one in a more sugary-candy palette, and the other greatly resembling the "Puddi" dress, in token flan shades.

(from the shopping album; Yulicie's main store)

Also, what is UP with the constant trend for pouty fish-lipped women in SL?!?

(from the shopping album; Yulicie's main store)

I just don't get it.

I think I'll make the actual dress comparisons their own entry, so watch this space!

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