Wednesday, August 1, 2012

hurt, the measure of blind ambition

[Help] UberSlash: can anyone teach me how to play?


My apologies, that was hostile. Gentle sir, pray avail yourself of the many, many teaching resources that can be found in the Paragon Wiki and various other online resources dedicated to improving the daily play of City of Heroes. Alternatively, you may mark yourself with the title "Help Me!" and more experienced players will do their best to help you learn the ropes.

But if you ask that again, GET OFF MY GAME.

Also, back on the Singularity viewer again. Why? Because when I had downloaded (the CORRECT version!) of Nirans to the brand spanking new uber-comp...I had severe lag and an inability to set things to where I could even see the stores I was in. The hell. Logged out, downloaded Singularity, cursing my fate, making dark promises that I'd upgrade to v3 whenever I could force my brain into it...and it works fine, I can see things, and no lag in the stores I was in. Well. FINE, then.

Now, I know, the title of this next link may put you off, but trust me, you want to listen, because it may well baffle your brain into killing off a few weaker brain cells.

Let it. You don't need them anyway.

In an article beneath a Gutters comic page called "Till Crossover Event Do Them Part", we find these words:
Given the multiple series that are currently running AvX tie-in stories, it's entirely possible (read: entirely likely) that I'm missing a very heartfelt and emotional scene between Storm and T'Challa regarding the dissolving of their marriage.

Because if I'm not, the scene in Avengers Vs X-Men #9 that ends their marriage kinda reads something like this:

Storm: Hey man.
T'challa: Hey, I annulled our marriage.
Storm: Really? We should totally talk about that later.
T'Challa: Totally. Now get out of my country.

The whole exchange took less than three panels!
Moss is absolutely right--normally, marriages (and separations/divorces) have been sweeping, emotional story arcs that are designed, start to finish, to provoke loyalty, love, and strong emotion.

But this one? It was a throwaway side mention. Why?

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