Friday, August 31, 2012

only a dream, I know, thinking you'd never go

[NPC] Resistance Runesoldier: You're about to get it all polar bear-style without the syrup, know what I'm sayin'?

No. No, I have no CLUE what you're saying.

Sent in a support ticket:
I realize there's a lot going on today, and I absolutely understand if it takes some time to get back to me on this, but I am curious: my next stated billing date is in February of 2013 for the [mxxxxxxxxxx] account on NCSoft. Are there plans for a refund of funds? Normally, I'd accept game time in another game but I don't PLAY any other NCSoft games, just City of Heroes.
I expected the response to be delayed, considering all the chaos.

It wasn't:

We would first like to thank you for your support of City of Heroes. It is never easy to make this kind of decision. You can read the official announcement at There is a discussion on the forums that you are free to join at

For refunds of unused time or unspent Paragon Points, we will be contacting those players directly with information. Please watch the website for any official updates as soon as they are available.

City of Heroes will be available for at least the next three months. We are working on something special for our VIP and Premium players. As soon as these plans are ready, they will be announced on the website and the forums.

The City of Heroes Support Team
So, I'll wait and see.

Also, as a friend points out--we realize that NCSoft is a company based out of Korea, but to drop this bombshell on Labor Day weekend--threatening the very support team and development team for the game, and making them paranoid about where they're going to labor next--yeah, that's kind of the height of irony.

Again, more when I learn more.
[Update 1: Titan Network tosses their hat in the ring to potentially host CoH.]

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