Tuesday, August 14, 2012

resort to shadows till your body expires

I really should stop paying attention to Help channel...

[Help] Havoc Salamander: I have a question guys, about roleplay ettiquite
[Help] Nebulous Veneer: Ooh, this should be good. Shoot.
[Help] Fire-kissed: always swallow
[Help] Havoc Salamander: eegh not that

Well, I suppose you should have been more specific, then, Havoc.

[Help] Havoc Salamander: Okay like
[Help] Havoc Salamander: This game isn't perfect
[Help] Havoc Salamander: You can have a robot do mission arcs where they're injected with poison
[Help] Nebulous Veneer: Everyone politely ignores that mission though, because it sucks.
[Help] Havoc Salamander: But other people are obviously different

I've never heard of a mission involving a poisoned robot. I asked Miss Neome, and she can't remember any mission like that, either. But I digress:

[Help] Havoc Salamander: So the question is, how do you handle having superpowers like crime solving superheroes
[Help] Nebulous Veneer: ...I'm not sure I follow your question.
[Help] Havoc Salamander: Because I kind of wanted to make a trenchcoat stylish hat-clad detective with the ability to suppress people's ability to tell lies
[Help] Havoc Salamander: That's the question
[Help] Onikaizen: you get up in Ms. Liberty's grill and be like "Bitch! I don't want this whack ass build no more!"
[Help] Iconic.: ROFL!
[Help] Nebulous Veneer: So... you're asking how to design a character whose powers don't directly translate to the game at all?

That does seem to be what he's asking, yes. To be fair, this is an interesting question: what happens to characters who have abilities the game doesn't cover? How do they play their characters in the larger setting of the game itself?

For instant, Wonder Woman. (Not that you could recreate her, but say you wanted to approximate someone with her powers.) Flight: covered. Invisibility: covered (of people, at least, not things). Her trademark golden lasso? Not there. In fact, there's still no whip power set. There are some storm sets that could sort of approximate, and there's a super-strength set that could work well with her basic concept, maybe.

But by and large, you'd be restricted to roleplaying much of your abilities. Which could be done, if it's reasonable--or even fantastical: I came across a lady in Dark Astoria today who'd taken the new Water Blast power set, dyed everything dark red, and her explanation was that her character was a former nun with stigmata, and she'd left the convent when the rest of her super-abilities surfaced.

(Okay, that's not the greatest character concept, but we're talking basic themes, here.)

So our hypothetical Wonder Woman imitation would pretty much be acting out most of her non-ability abilities. With friends, or in the right supergroup, this could be pretty easily done. And even if you didn't plan it out, you might be able to get RP going, in the right setting.

But this concept...how does one suppress totally the ability for other heroes or villains to lie? That's implausible, at best, and bafflingly ludicrous, at worst.

[Help] Havoc Salamander: I'm asking how I should go about roleplaying them around other people
[NPC] Kurtis: I don't know what you're talking about!
[Help] Onikaizen: Just hang around the D
[Help] Iconic.: First..you get yourself on a decent team. Then...hang in the back spouting theories, while they do all the fighting.
[Help] Nebulous Veneer: I hav no clue, really. Because you know nobody will go along with it. Just because.

Well, likely, because people--even roleplaying sorts--are obstinate and stubborn much of the time.

[Help] Black Deluge: So your not the one who can tell lies?
[Help] Havoc Salamander: That's the problem :(
[Help] Nebulous Veneer: But you're gonna want to be really nice to them OOCly. Be really nice about it and they'll probably go along with it.
[Help] Your Wifes Lawyer: So, you're roleplaying Commisioner Gordon?
[Help] Black Deluge: Like Pinnocio in a trenchcoat?
[Help] Onikaizen: Just smack'em upside the head and say "Do what I say because I said it."

We have now reached the point where helpful suggestion has left the building.

[Help] Havoc Salamander: Man godmodding has ruined things
[Help] Your Wifes Lawyer: Farms have ruined things
[Help] Onikaizen: And if that fails you take their ass to Warburg and you settle it like MEN!
[Help] Sand Springer: HELP channel, please HELP me.

And on it goes. Then, later, in the Looking For Group channel...

[Looking For Group] Doggz: come on guys whats wrong with virtue we need more lvl 53's for MoCuda run pst
[Looking For Group] Tankers Nightmare: Probably because it's impossible to meet your requirements.

This is actually true: there's still a cap at level 50. Advancing in building powering enhancements for your Incarnate slots can shift your level, but even then I wouldn't be a 53 if I did that, I'd be a 50+3. (And as it is, I have all four Incarnate slots full, and I'm only a 50+2.)

[Looking For Group] Sienna Fox: and a team with just SOs can get it...
[Looking For Group] Doggz: but are more of a "cripple" then level shifted guys
[Looking For Group] Sienna Fox: Your attitude is what is crippled.
[Looking For Group] Doggz: oh im sry did i hurt your feelings....?

And the fight was on.

And these conversations both happened the same night, within an hour of each other!

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