Saturday, September 3, 2011

soon the gypsy queen, in a glaze of Vaseline, will perform on guillotine

Two fun mentions from mesh-evaluation land: first this one (and thank you Samantha Poindexter for finding it!), that points out the inherent problems with modifying mesh items, and this one (and thank you to Dame Ordinal Malaprop for writing it!), that points out not only is modification an issue, but you can't even move mesh items up or down.

Seriously? Not at all. Not at all? Well hell, people...what good is it, then?

As someone remarked in the comments of Dame Ordinal's entry, "Once again, the Laboratory snatches defeat from the jaws of victory." Indeed. And yet again, what a tragedy.

Deus Ex: Safety Dance!

Also (I believe) from Deux Ex: a very sly Demolition Man reference. Sneaky, Deus Ex designers, very sneaky.

And a screenshot taken from the sketch notebook for Deus Ex, showing how fabulous it might possibly look if optioned for a movie deal.

And finally, to round out the Deus Ex references, what happened when Adam Jensen met Solid Snake. Aheh.

"When the whole world calls you fat and you can stand there in the face of it and not open your wrists, my friend, you are tempered in the cosmos. Nothing can stop you at that point."

Most of the Mario Brothers games would not have been as fun if they had realistic animation.

Google+ is malware? Yeah, according to Rainyday Superstar.

For fans of Fallout, how about a working PipBoy 3000? The down side: it can't be worn on the arm.


Artwashers have a sad and lonely job, but at least they get to see art up close? (A very inventive presentation on the University of Western Australia's Art Challenge sim in Second Life.)

There's a few shots Flickring around on the BJD mesh doll from Sugar Garden. I have yet to price it out, but apparently there are options for custom heads. There's a few different views on custom heads, to be honest, more than I'm going to link here.

But then...there's this, which contains virtual nudity, so might not be safe for work? Maybe? Hard to tell, as it's a non-anatomically-correct doll form...but still, warning there, watch at home!

Here's my problems with that screen-captured vid, though, in a nutshell:
  • She deliberately chose an avatar with psychotic, albino bunny eyes to show off?
  • Second, swaying like that can give some people motion sickness. (I have a friend who has that problem; she can play Second Life, but she can't play Minecraft, Team Fortress, or anything else.)
  • Third, why those ear options? I get why she goes bald to show them off, but why those ear options?
  • And going back to the ears, your three options seem to be demonic downturned ears; big huge clown ears; then 'regular' ears (if you can call them that)?
At least she's made the ears optional, I guess that's a plus...I'll tell you more about it when I know more.

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