Tuesday, September 13, 2011

and you won't make a sound, or be nervous around

First came the announcement. Then the going to stare at the sign.

Followed by the moment of falling down in hysterics.

Then the moment of wearing them.

Followed by more falling down in hysterics.

Trust me, if you can see mesh at all, you owe it to yourselves to grab a pair and walk around for a while in them. That's comedy.

Also, I may have to see Arang again. Getting a comment on that post reminded me how much I liked that film, even with its flaws.

Extra Credits has just released a tasty new episode on cut scenes. I wholly agree with them, especially since I just sat through a video walk-through of Metal Gear Solid 4 (though admittedly, Chip and Ironicus are pretty good to listen to between the cut scenes) and am currently slogging through Uncharted 2 (same guys, they're good). (And while we're on the topic, I think the Uncharted team should just give up and make a CGI movie already--or hells, a real one! They can even cast Claudia Black in the same role, come on!)

(As long as you're there, if you're looking for comedy, check out 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. For horror, I highly recommend the walkthrough for Condemned.)

So, just trying to test understanding here...Linden Lab had an attorney...then fired their attorney...then hired a crooked attorney? I mean, okay, backdating stock options isn't premeditated murder, but it's still a crime. What the hell, Lindens?

This is why translation is occasionally amusing.

From the fields of technology, first a very techno-lusty device (it comes with its own easel!), and second, the development of polymer gel means we can potentially have thinner, more easily shaped batteries for electronic devices in time. (That is a very, very good thing.)

Things not to do as an artist? We've got a list for that. I particularly favor #3.

I really, really love the detail involved in the SL lingerie blog, but they haven't posted since July. What happened? And gods, I wish I'd known about them sooner!

And I'm not gonna lie, I cackled like an idiot reading this. Go Grant Morrison!

I think that's all on this one I've got for now; I think it's been a slow week, post-JLU. Other than, start to finish (now that I've finally seen it) I really, really enjoyed Torchwood: Miracle Day. Don't get me wrong, there were flaws--and sometimes big ones--and there are still people I miss who were in the original show. But for what it was--and for America's usual ham-handed reinvisioning attempts with other shows--it was very, very well done.

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