Monday, September 19, 2011

I've been burning in water and drowning in flame

Nyan Cat comes to Unreal! My favorite bit? The "product warnings" at the end:
Cannot guarantee happiness
Possibility of insanity
Do not use in the shower
Not for use in reality
Destroy ALL the things
Not for consumption
May result in seizure
Allie Brosh, you have become an internet catchphrase. (Wait, is that a good life goal, or a bad life goal?)

SL Marketplace is suffering new woes, which tragically compound the existing woes already in place due to faulty coding and slipshod application. There's a ton of comments on this one, some of them displaying a chill and cutting accuracy which is beautiful to behold.

While it has little to do with what's actually going wrong, Mr. Thor wrote my favorite comment:
"The fact that Brooke and company purposely rely on their own customers to test their code is a sad and strong aspect of why Rodvik needs to stop Fiddling on [...] the sidelines as the SL Commerce / MP is being torched by his own staff."
Pretty damned much.

And yes, there's (at least) two JIRAs on the issue:

And I can't end this section of this entry without pointing out Axi Kurmin's brilliant reply:
Regarding splits:
What's happened this week is you've made what was already an almost useless notificiation system fully useless. Let me explain. Let's say you have two businesses. One is your own-you get all the money from that. The other is split, between you and your friend Bob. Up until this week, you'd get a notification like this:

Source: Marketplace Linden
MKT2 Item Sale Dist
Description: Order #9459290528, Item #592958929 (Bob Partner) 
Now, this is *almost* useless. You have no idea what sold unless Bob tells you, but you at least know that something sold from your shared store.
As of this week, you now get this information:
MKT2 Item Purchase
Description: Order #5820958287 (Some Stranger) 
This information is *completely* useless. You have an order number you can't check. You still have no idea what sold, and now, you're given the name of the actual customer. Glorious, except since you get *NO* email notification of the sale. You have no idea who this person is, and you have no way of knowing if a) they bought something from your shared store b) they bought something from YOUR store, and you have no notification of it anywhere.
Before you tell me that "if you didn't get an email it wasn't from your store" I would think about how many times the notification system has failed, or been extremely slow.
This is now completely useless, and it wasn't much more than useless before.
What is actually needed is *email notification on split sales*, and *what sold* in the transaction history.
She's not wrong. Plus, as Miss Serpente pointed out earlier in the comments, even people who own their own business, and split profits with no one else run into issues after the latest whatever-the-Lindens-screwed-up-now.

How is #40 at all steampunk? Please tell me. Those are chain silks. Just because something has gears does not make it steampunk, people!

Apparently Nicolas Cage is immortal. I...really don't have much to say after that; that's sort of stunning my higher brain function.

The Technorati State of the Blogosphere Survey is live once more. As I think every reader of this blog knows, I loathe them with a fiery vengeance, and that's likely not going to change--at least, until they stop inviting me to participate in their blog-of-all-blogs aggregate colony, then turn me down for spurious reasons. But, if you blog, and you don't want Technorati to die on fire--well, link's there, have at.

Also, punctuation is important. You're welcome.

And that taste of ashes in your mouth, if you're a fan of Linda Hamilton or Ron Perlman? That's the dread and fear drifting through the ether about the CW developing a reboot of Beauty and the Beast. Gods help us all.

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