Saturday, September 3, 2011

and then the cold came, the dark days, when fear crept into my mind

I bought a plant stand on the Marketplace. It's currently retailing for L$1, and it does mention being modifiable. Modifiable mesh, understand, it's one thing I didn't think mesh could be.

Maybe it's different for non-rigged objects? Because nearly all clothing and avatars, maybe all clothing and avatars, have to be rigged to move properly.

But, because it's modifiable, I plan on seeing how (and how easy) I can mess with it. Pictures will follow.

The [Moxie] terms of service, reprinted in full, because I think they're full of nifty and win:
[All sales final.]
[No refunds, except in cases of double purchases (submit information in notecard form within 48 hours to Eden Malik).]
[In case of non-delivery, replacement items available with proof of purchase.]
[Any questions and suggestions or invitations to hunts/sales, contact Eden Malik.]
[Remember: We can not help you unless we're aware that you need help.]
[Do not taunt happy fun ball.]
Absolutely. If you ever have a problem with any merchant's wares, the worst thing you can do is not tell them. But the end line is very true, too--never, under any circumstances, taunt Happy Fun Ball. You won't like what happens.

There's a build-your-own penis avatar over at DramaZone this weekend. Sixty Lindens and it can be yours. (For another sixty, you can buy the barely-covered-breasts-onna-block avatar, next to it.)

No, I'm so not kidding. And I'm not even going to print pictures of them.

So, I mentioned the literal ton of changes coming to Minecraft in the next two updates. Some of them don't seem, at least right now, to make a great deal of sense. Some of them seem like they're going to be visually stunning (and I'm talking about the vines in that shot, and no, that's not a tree). Some of them just seem to be odd. (Seriously--snouts on pigs? Udders on cows? Where will the madness end?!?)

And then...there's this. Apparently, in the new update, you can jump after a short sprint. That's...good, I guess, for those running-jumping-climbing trees needs, but...I think I'm going to be one of those grumpy old-school alpha people on this one.

When I bought into Minecraft, because I bought in early, I get all the updates, as long as there are updates for the game. And I'm fine with that, mostly. But the game I bought into was not a game of derring-do, and fighting, and striving not to die because I'll lose all my "levels" and have to start over from scratch. The game I fell in love with was mostly about the exhilaration of building--the sheer joy of craft. Okay, it was craft with monsters, and caves nearly always had at least one spawner that would try to take your face off with multiple bad guys. And I'm not saying that didn't have its own appeal.

But when the update comes, and I log in again, I'm going to have to not look out the windows, or the Slendermen will eat me; kill things, even the things I don't normally kill, just so I can have enough meat to survive; and apparently, relearn everything else about the game I thought I understood!

Hells, I haven't even figured out pistons and redstone yet, and now I have to make survival choices? If I want survival horror I'll play Silent Hill, people. This is Minecraft.

Took a trip out to the Sugar Garden to find out a bit more about the BJD mesh doll avatars. The sign says 'more coming soon', but for right now, there are seven options, each with both human and 'nymph' add-on ears, for L$1000, and one 'custom' option, for which Miss Eilfie Sugarplum is charging L$3500. (For custom work, that's not at all unreasonable.)

And for more of what they look like (at least, to those using mesh-enabled viewers, who can view mesh), here's shots of the Lorina heterochromic head, the Nariko head, the Estella Thereian custom BJD, based on the Sylvie skin tone, and the Kittycat Juran custom BJD (if I pick a custom, 'cracked China doll' is likely what I'll go for).

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