Monday, September 5, 2011

I tiptoed around you like a ballerina because I was naïve

I take it all back! SL Freebie Hunters has their first post up about the Twisted hunt!

So, to add to yesterday's partially-comprehensive list, based on the prize pictures, I add these stores:

14. Avatar Bizarre, for what looks like a quite serviceable, gothic/Victorian male and female outfit in burnished emerald and black.
20. Bad Juju goes back on the list for that autumn-leaf number.
22. Re.Birth for those wonderfully off-shaded skins.
27. Beauty Killer. I'll at least try the black-and-white outfit out, see how the wings and the skirt look.
30. Fatal Error. Again, willing to give them a try because they look interesting, and because I'm hoping the digi-legs, the eyes, the skin and the outfit are included.
35. Obsidian. Okay, I admit it, I want to see the swing in person.
39. b[ELLE]issima. See Fatal Error's entry above, though narrow it down to the skin--not that interested in either the male or the female outfit.
41. Dreamscapes Art Gallery, because I want to see what that looks like in SL, too.
45. Curvasive Designs, because that could be a perfect decoration for gothic sims.

So that's nine more stores to add to the list, and from this entry on Fabfree there's one more:

106. gilded, who apparently is offering white satyr legs for the Twisted hunt.

I'll keep you posted as the pictures trickle in. Sixty-eight possible stops now. Ack.

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