Sunday, September 11, 2011

something I found out in this exercise is you are alone

Brace yourselves, people: tomorrow's going to be a bumpy ride.

Quote from a group chat:
[18:58] [Sparkle Vengeance]: happy 10 YEARS OF WAR usa
[18:58] Txxx Kxxx: HEY
[18:59] Emilly Orr: Come now, Miss [Vengeance], is that truly necessary?
[18:59] Nxxx Dxxxxx: That's not nice
[18:59] Vxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Please do not use this channel for nonrag dollz related business. This is your only warning.
[18:59] Txxxxxx Txxxxx: We have been in and out of war for a hellalot longer than 10 years
It's very true. But more, beyond how you feel about the politics involved, on a day where many Americans are going to feel a little tender, regardless of personal stances, to say that in any group was more than a bit insensitive.
[19:00] [SheOftheReallyLongName White]: way to alienate customer base
[19:00] Kxxx Wxxxxxxxxxx: tacky
[19:01] Dxxxxxxx Qxxxxxx: Woo, trolling; my favorite. -_-;;
[19:01] Sxxx Exxxxxx: That is what I call pretty low
[19:01] Txxxxx Rxxxxx: just an instigator for attention
And that's likely true, too.

What followed was close to twenty minutes of How Not to Let a Topic Drop, including more diatribes posted from Miss Sparkle, declaiming warmongering Americans and their thuggish military (I'm paraphrasing, but you get the intent, I'm sure).

And then this:
[19:01] [SheOftheReallyLongName White]: guess i wont be shopping at Ragdollz anymore
Seriously? Seriously you're going to give up on the group--give up on the store--because some idiot with a yap attack decided to declare that group her personal stomping ground for...for...I have no idea what she was even on about, to be honest.

And I don't care.

My point is, if you're in a shop group, and someone comes on and says something bafflingly inappropriate and uneducated, blaming the designer behind the group is not the way to go. EVER.
[19:02] Sxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: i just looked at her profile, she looks like she doesn't know any better.. :)
I hate to say it, but the fact that Miss Sparkle belongs to eight Meeroo groups does not give me confidence in her mental acuity.

And, as much as part of my spirit is crying out to leave this name unchanged...
[19:03] Rxxxxx Zxxxxxxx: Hope your country never needs help :)
[19:03] Rxxxxx Zxxxxxxx: If you ever need help, don't call the USA
[19:04] Emilly Orr sighs. Miss Zxxxxxxx, really? This is much too nice a group to give in to low blows.
I hope I'm simply misinterpreting this one, but as it stands, and as I'm taking it, it makes me ashamed to know you, Miss Z.

And lest we all forget the significance of the day...
[19:05] [Exalted Cornflower]: As someone who lost a family member in the attack, I'm begging you all to change the subject.
Whatever your political leanings on September 11th, whatever your particular culture, whatever your particular country...being unable to stand aside when another human being is in pain, when another human being has lost someone close to them, for whatever petty political 'gain' you may have gotten...

I'd be surprised if the designer of the group doesn't bounce you out of there on a shiny copper rail, Miss Sparkle. As it should be. And shame on all of us for indulging in typical internet backbiting, rather than simply ignoring her and getting back to whatever we were doing in the first place.

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