Friday, June 10, 2011

under haunted skies I see you

So what is a meeroo? Apparently it's the thing Ozimals has come up with to sidestep the problematic bunny, and the ongoing battle with Amaretto. So the first thing it has going for it is it's not a horse. Yay?

Still, I'm not sold on them. They're squat little big-eyed stumpy-legged things that have no better purpose than any other scripted pet. (I manage sims for a living now; this makes me cranky about scripted pets and their occasionally dim-witted owners. Totally unapologetic about that, too, because I keep running into people who just don't seem to understand why I want to harm their pwecious li'l babies by telling them they can't have 89--or 112--or 128! My gods, 128!--little whatevers roaming around and hogging all the scripting resources for the entire sim they're on.)

But they seem to be the Next Big Thing on the grid, so brace yourselves for a LOT of hot primmy meeroo action here and there. I'll start up the industrial vat to brew up the insane amounts of chamomile tea we're likely all going to need.

(from the bizarre album)
Scenes from a hunt, episode 37: I found this pup sleeping in water, snoring away. He didn't seem to mind that he was wet in the least. Or else, he was very tired...

Reasons I don't shop at Ducknipple...well, there are a few. It's not so much due to anything beyond the fact that shopping there feels like shopping just about everywhere else. The clothes are nicely made, specifically detailed, and pretty much what everyone else is making, so I'm never sure if I like something there vaguely because I've seen it on someone, or because it looks like something else I liked vaguely once at another shop making it's-on-everyone-style knock-offs.

But this reason kind of cemented the dislike, in a BIG new way:

(from the bizarre album)

Yep. Totally not kidding, and it's a freebie. Guess you couldn't exactly charge for that...Or, well, you could, but then you'd have to move your business to the Adult continent.


Fogwoman Gray said...

Theoretically, the scripting on the Meeroos is supposed to address a lot of the issues that folks putting in giant pet breeding farms was causing. Honestly, as borked as everything is even in the absence of scripted pets I am unsure how much affect they will have one way or another. I see more problems with all the older freebies people set up in houses that use frequent calls, temp rezzers and physical objects. I suspect if we could somehow magically clean THOSE off the grid (along with thousands of 1024 and higher textures) we would see vastly improved performance. Oh, and the billions of resizer scripts everyone fails to take out of their clothes and hair...

Emilly Orr said...

The resizer scripts hit individual sims for performance harder that almost anything else; but in the absence of people wearing them, pets come in second, absolutely. And to be fair, it's not meeroos, it's horses, and to be specific, it's Amarettos. Amaretto coding is insanely overscripted, and to date, they're the only type of scripted pet that still registers collisions even when standing still. (I don't know how they do it, either. It's baffling.)