Wednesday, June 8, 2011

and even though she's dreaming, she's unlocked the meaning for you

Wanted to bring up the new LVS landmarks; apparently they moved to a new sim, and they're still redecorating, and--as far as I've heard anyway--still NO idea why Linden Labs seized the sim they owned outright.

A li'l explanation, guys, now and again--it's a good thing for public relations. Oh wait--I forget, the Lindens don't care about good PR.

So the new LVS main store can be found here; their novelty/PJ shop, Crunchy Roll, can be found here; the Dollhouse, for discount dolly wear, can be found here; the direct SLUrl for their kids' line can be found here; their 'tween' line of media-inspired items can be found here (I'd talk to Azriel Demain about the danger of using "inspired by" on any of your creations, ladies, but hey, what are the Lindens going to do, SEIZE YOUR SIM??), 'Happily Ever After' (where the fantasy gowns live, also Fae Diddle Diddle, where you can get the faun avatars) can be found here, and their swimsuit line can be found by going here.

Update your landmarks, people. We move on.

In other news, Pixeldolls wasn't the only one offering up support-SLU items. There's a whole LIST at this point. Nice to know. (And thanks to Samantha Poindexter for directing me to the list!)

In more news, SteelSeries and Valve have signed a multi-title development contract for their respective products. What does this mean? With Valve in the mix, likely more hats. But it'll be interesting to see what else comes out of it.

There's already complaining in the background about the proposed mesh upload agreements. Some are saying this will kill any mesh upload capability for any creator who doesn't have payment information on file with the Labs. Some are saying it won't matter if they restrict it just to PIOF folks, it won't stop copyright infringement. I think both camps make good points, but on the other hand, what do people expect the Labs to do? Mesh uploads, by their nature, will change the basic structures of anything we see and interact with in game. So, for instance, we'll go from being able to mock up Jack Sparrow on the grid in costume fashion, to actually walking around with Johnny Depp's face on a skinned mesh. One's costume, or even homage, if you will, and skates that line of copyright infringement; the other clearly violates it. The Labs are in a tricky legal position here; this may have seemed like their best option.

Playstation's new title "Dragon's Crown" has some...really unsettling and implausible character concepts. Like their take on the game standard "Sorceress":

(from the bizarre album)

My brain is really struggling to come up with accurate descriptives for her, and...I'm failing. She's got goddess hips, weirdly muscled legs, there's no way she could accurately walk forward at all, and...either breast is bigger than her head.

While yes, I know, women with breasts that large do exist, it's just so odd to see it in a combat game. But she's not the most galling one. That one, we reserve for the Amazon archetype:

(from the bizarre album)

This is the Amazon. I can't even begin to describe how deeply odd she looks to me. First, those thighs--either one is bigger than her entire upper torso. Her hands? Bigger than her head. Hells, the bulges on each forearm are bigger than her head! Her proportions, in fact, are so off that she looks like she has small breasts, which--if you take everything separately--she really doesn't.

When sharing this with the women I live with, last night, the overwhelming reaction was "Please tell me that's not what the characters look like in the actual game."

I wish I could, my dears. I wish I could.


Fogwoman Gray said...

That is absolutely hilarious. Someone took the drawings from a teenaged boy's school notebook and made game characters out of them.
WTF Sony? WTF?

Emilly Orr said...

Pretty much. And I have no idea. In fact, I can't imagine it catching on--in an era of games designed to break out of side-scrolling, they've made a side-scrolling spell-casting shooter, all concepts that are being redesigned or even worse, left behind.

Even the font they used for the game's title looks like a flashback to the bad part of the 80's, where games are concerned. I have no idea what they were thinking.

Serenity Semple said...

LOL XD Sorry, kinda stick up for Vanillaware a bit. They made some beautiful games like Muramasa and Grim Grimoire and I'll always allow them some screw ups because - I adore their games. I think they've been pretty beautiful for the most part and I'll probably end up buying it when it comes out. XD If it's terrible as it looks now, I'll letcha know.

So happy that LVS/Bugtussle and all is still around. Their stuff is so creative and cute. <3

Emilly Orr said...

Do let me know, because right now? The only people I've found for it are going to ignore game play to make up the Sorceress and make her jump up and down a lot. This makes for great first-day sales, but after that, if there's no game substance, even the hard-core pervs drift away.