Saturday, June 11, 2011

take it back now, y'all, one hop this time

They're billing this as the most epic beer commercial ever. I'm still not sure it holds a candle to this one, but hey, Hahn and Carlton can fight it out amongst themselves. Beer-filled tiger against entire man-choir, I think it's a fair fight. Right?

In other news...I present to you the Sex Henge:

(from the bizarre album)

You thought I was kidding, didn't you?

(from the bizarre album)

Surprisingly, it's a low-prim Henge--it comes in at seven prims by report, before poseballs are rezzed--and the only thing that's really puzzling is the double-headed snake on one of the stones.

Well. I suppose just because it's a Sex Henge, it doesn't have to be British...right?

(from the bizarre album)

So, I admit, not dating anyone on the grid does have its down sides for some product displays. On the other hand, I wouldn't have been able to display most of the included five hundred animations anyway, because it's just not that kind of blog.

Still, there were "solo" positions, and most of them weren't "girl with a cucumber", so I figured that would work.

(from the bizarre album)

There's a surprising variety of positions on this thing. Gay, straight, lesbian, group, with and without props, standing, sitting, lying really does seem to have it all. And it's insanely affordable--because it's part of the L$60 weekend sale, it's...well...L$60.

(from the bizarre album)

The sets are unobtrusive, and tied to only a few positions, though the balls rez out virtually everywhere within the stone circle. This would also be a good decoration for a wilder-themed garden long as that area allowed sex animations on the ground.

(from the bizarre album)

And you can get it at Michigan's Shack, a store I normally avoid like the plague, for the weekend, today and tomorrow.

(As I normally do on these, the hair I'm wearing is "Gypsy Hair (Denim)" from BP*, the eyes are Pixeldoll's "Starry-Eyed" in Ruby [no longer available, I got them in December of '07], the skin is Mango Mango's "Shadow Vamp", the dress is SN@TCH's "Pillowcase Urchin" in Blue, the stockings come from SN@TCH as well (the "Wooly Socks" in Blue bought during their last sale), and the shoes are from Show Me On the Doll [which may be back on the grid], her Tippytoes Ponyboots in Blue.)

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