Tuesday, June 28, 2011

pale under the blistering sky, white and red, black and blue (part III)

We finally have our first citizen arrested for owning papers with drawings on them. Does this seem like a sane reaction?

And this next link is VERY NSFW, but it will lead to the Great Wall of Vagina. Totally not making that up.

Finally, here's the last bit left of the Creature Feature Hunt. (For earlier coverage, track down part I and part II first.)

Actually, there was a bit of revisiting. I decided Filthy Things deserved another shot for their bonehead mistake. And IF you take the time to attach the skirt to its supposedly proper location--and take the time to adjust the panels, which are all over the place--then it's not a bad outfit, save for a bit of nipple revelation.

(from the fashion album)

(Am I becoming a prude? Honestly, even on SL, not EVERY single outfit needs to show off nipples!)

Also, Fawkes wanted me to revisit the Beautiful Dirty Rich outfit, so I'm doing my best to do that without throwing things. First off: I cannot wear the outfit as given, I just can't, so to compensate for pictures, I'm wearing an old Lovelace lingerie set (Augustine in Cinnamon) to compensate. I would NOTE, the red bits are the bra and thong included with the Augustine set, and are NOT included with the outfit from Beautiful Dirty Rich!

That having been said...Here's their 'Beautiful Creature' outfit:

(from the fashion album)

It comes with a tail...

(from the fashion album)

and what passes for hooves...

(from the fashion album)

and then the tank top and jeans.

(from the fashion album)

[11:56 PM] Emilly Orr: This seems to be the outfit
[11:57 PM] Emilly Orr: Pasties under a wifebeater tank and...man, 'hip-hugger' jeans these are not, this cuts in significantly BELOW the hips

Pretty damned much. So far, just based on their name, 'Beautiful' it's not, 'Dirty' I'd agree with, and 'Rich'? Only if you're slumming and trying to look poor and underfed. And maybe have a burning desire to show everyone your hood piercing.

Because in those jeans? You could.

For the next two, the Lamp*Light offerings, I had to scurry off to my old Boneflower offerings, to find a reasonably skin-baring lingerie set that wasn't too revealing. Why?

Because this is Veronica:

(from the fashion album)

And this is "Franken Fran" (and yes, they do mean the character):

(from the fashion album)

What's the difference? The sutures on the face.

I am told (by their titles) that both full-body tattoos are "tentable". Good to know?

The Delectable Doll has a delectably ruffled patchwork number, in muted cool tones.

(from the fashion album)

This is fresh, clean, and still falls in the theme of the hunt. I like it, but more than that, it's adaptable. Skin with sutures, skin with a tan, you could still carry off these fun little frills.

Nevermore had, as their offering, a picnic table...in front of a tiny drive-in movie screen...in a sparkly pink bubble.

(from the fashion album)

You can't tell it from this image, but the picnic table in the bubble floats.

No, I don't know either, but it's cute.

Black Cat Bones made outfits from Resident Evil--Jill Valentine and Carlos--and I was so disappointed I refused to take pictures.

(from the fashion album)

Favole offered two skins. The difference? Dead Set 2 has fangs. They're nicely done, to be fair, and I'm always happy to have more undead skins to lurch around in.

Malfean Visions offered up 173 prims of beaded choker:

(from the fashion album)

Well, choker and pendant. The neck's a little wide for my avatar, and I'm afraid of adjusting it, but I think it's modifiable.

(from the fashion album)

From Black Kettle came an experiment jar on a cord containing...something...

The Elegant Goth came up with a pet gravestone:

(from the fashion album)

It comes with the mound of earth, some dead flowering grasses, a gravestone for a departed feline, a curving dead tree, and--my favorite--a slightly agitated black spider.

Yes. The spider moves.

(from the fashion album)

And Cave Designs offered up a simply decorated small skybox, but it has one window. And because of how that window is textured, it really does seem as if one is looking down from a height onto dark midnight trees. Cleverly done.

Finally, while I'm standing in utter screaming annoyance at not being able to find the last two stores, this happened in the last sim:

[05:20 PM] LEE777 Falconer: boo
[05:20 PM] Emilly Orr: Yes?
[05:20 PM] LEE777 Falconer: prepare too get stomped
[05:20 PM] LEE777 Falconer: ..lol

At which point he flew upwards in a blue streak of fire--presumably "too stomp" me, and I went the hell home.

That about sums it up. Goddamn number people, anyway.

So, overall, am I glad I went on the hunt? Not really. But, that having been said, I'm happy for the pet gravestone, the skybox, and a few of the outfits. Just don't get your hopes up, and maybe just hit the stores that sound interesting, because it's absolutely not going to be a hunt you can follow, start to finish.

(Mostly for this series of shots, I wore PASH's 'Madame Grumpy' skin in Night; the 'Unbound' eyes from ReTox, and Discord Designs' 'Ariadne' hair in Hot Pink. Everything else was found on the hunt, save for bits of lingerie here and there to sub in for outfit flaws.)

(from loss)

And yes, you bastard, I miss you. I still think I'm not doing you or me any favors by breaking up with you, on the one hand, but still spending time with you on the other. I think I'm making it harder on both of us, and I think you're helping make it harder on both of us.

That being said...yeah, I still like you. And I like spending time with you. I wouldn't miss you otherwise. It would be more difficult--in the short term--for us to spend less time together. Would it be better for both of us in the long term?

Unfortunately, I still don't know. Which means...I'm still here.


Serenity Semple said...

x_x Ugh the never ending problems with hentai. I think I'm just annoyed after reading the comments on the page more than the article itself. Seriously? I've always had problems with people judging so harshly on the japanese artstyle as is. For example they could draw a tall 20 year+ something girl with a flat chest, I could show it to someone and they'd say - well that's obviously a child, she hasen't developed. Um, HELLO, people out there have small chests and are older. It's a concept the adult art industry that isn't really touched on, in my personal opinion. Why is that? Because everyone thinks it's sexy for bigger bigger bigger! Look up the artist Gideon (if you're not easily offended and I know you're not Emi) in the furry world. He draws all genitalia insanely big. Heck there's a lot of american adult comics (I did sell them one time at the comic store XD) with giant breasted dick-nipple girls screwing others with giant dicks. Excuse all the terminology here... But that's ok! XD I just don't understand people and probably never will with what's truely acceptable or not.

Emilly Orr said...

Well, hells, it's not just him, it's most fetish artists. Eric Stanton, Tom of Finland, Gideon Hoss, my gods, I could mention twenty people--and they all exaggerate for the same reasons.

Keira Knightley, on the other hand, used to have zero dimensions. When that was taken, she was 23, I think.

And it's nearly impossible to find a model with addressable dimensions at all. But most models don't start doing runways until they're at least eighteen, and a lot of the time, between eighteen and twenty-two. Functional adults.

Unfortunately, Canada and other countries are drawing the line harshly because they really, truly believe that manga featuring loli girls is like the intro drug for pedophilia. Skip the fact that nearly every captured pedophiliac on record has video, not comics. It's that child pornography thing. Their brains shut down in response to it.

Sphynx Soleil said...

What the HELL is their secret for "practically zero boobs" - it's obviously not complete malnutrition, they're not exactly *short*.

Emilly Orr said...

I think it's body type, more than anything. I mean some of it, sure, happens with dieting, but really, I think most fashion houses are looking for women with a certain figure--or lack thereof. I do find it interesting, though, that after models retire, and hit their mid-thirties, suddenly they have boobs. And most of the time it's not a surgical fix, they just eat more and stop exercising so strenuously.