Monday, June 27, 2011

pale under the blistering sky, white and red, black and blue (part II)

More from the Dead Dolls' Creature Feature Hunt, from part I earlier.

We start off with a two-fer:

(from the fashion album)

First, BAIT's "Limbo" eyes (there are also three other styles, not shown), with Beautiful Dirty Rich's outfit (shown from the shoulders up, because I can't show it below the shoulders). The eyes are okay (I like "Limbo" the best of all of them), but nothing we haven't seen before, and I guess Beautiful Dirty Rich are designing for the same crowd Trapt are, which means there's two stores I never have to go into again. Maybe I'm being overly picky these days, but if I wanted to show off naked breasts and lady bits, I'd still be dancing, not walking around in street clothes.

How'ver, for the breakdown, the outfit includes the hair (with that improbable crown), jeans that are cut so low on the hips you can pick out pubic grooming details, a nipple-revealing tank, and several different varieties of cuffs for wrists and jean hems.

Next up, Infected Angels' overly-magenta "Zombie Queen" dress:

(from the fashion album)

The dress is okay, though that shade of magenta's been overused for several years, but I hate the shoes. Not only are they derivative and pretty much the black texture used that came with that sculpt box, but they've got globs of unknown flesh on the heels. What are they supposed to be, eyes? Tumors? What? It's unattractive on an average shoe, and really, if you're going for shock value? At least make sure the shoes aren't dull.

Souzou Eien, unfortunately, chose to give out a gift that they'd made for the Woeful Wednesday list. I'm not going to show it off, I'm just registering disappointment. I suppose it's great if you missed that particular sale, but...hell, they didn't even bother to change the name of the offering, because it still says Woeful Wednesday Special!

Esther Jen made shoes with cute little heart-skull bows on the back:

(from the fashion album)

Again, they're just cute, not stellar, and sadly they merge the worst of both worlds by having an alpha layer (yay) paired with invisiprims (seriously?). One or the other needs to go; having both is overkill, and poorly planned overkill at that.

REPULSE made a "Zombie Bite" face tattoo:

(from the fashion album)

As with everything he makes, it is detailed, very well-made, and disturbing. I can definitely see putting this into play in October.

(Also, just to note: that's Fawkes Allen in the background. Please, do bug Fawkes to release that avatar. It's nearly fully transparent, and excellently crafted, and deserves to be up for grabs.)

Meanwhile, the Dollhouse put out a bloodspattered tattered dress, complete with syringes that stab the wearer in the back:

(from the fashion album)

This is the front, and this:

(from the fashion album)

is the back, with the sculpted syringes.

Not shown: the buckled, bloodstained posture collar. It's a little finicky for adjusting, but well-made, and the whole outfit is very well done, and--for bloodstains and tatters--beautiful.

Filthy Things had an outfit named 'Zombie Attire', but I'm not showing it, because she didn't bother to adjust the skirt! It attaches to the right hand by default!

This is going to be split into three parts, so I'll get to the third part later tonight. In the meantime, this will be linked with part I and part III when I get everything published.

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