Wednesday, June 15, 2011

some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger

There's someone on the grid named twogangsta2bachick Resident. From her profile:
Ooookay. Good to know. Also, for the love of God, STOP SHOUTING. You're making us all deaf in here.

Moving on.

From a conversation in DV8 group chat:
[11:51 PM] Scarlette Silvershade: Q A M on chairs!
[11:52 PM] miharuu Aries: w8 dv8 has lucky chairs now
[11:52 PM] Anarya Elderslie: It...always has
[11:52 PM] Orian Fang: yeah
[11:52 PM] Althea Faulkland: ??? they always have...
[11:52 PM] Kranah Heartsdale: 0.o has had them for a while lol
[11:52 PM] Scarlette Silvershade: mhm
[11:52 PM] Bermillion Sugarplum: yup always
[11:53 PM] Aftershok Ziplon: miha omgeeshe hihi lol
[11:53 PM] Frozen Rage facepalms
[11:53 PM] miharuu Aries: i never seen tham lol
Wau. Just....wau. The level of stupid there, it's just unmatch--wait...

From later on, same chat:
[11:55 PM] tempest Heartsdale: does DV8 carry clothing for Meeroos?
[11:55 PM] Bermillion Sugarplum: lmao
[11:55 PM] tempest Heartsdale: lol
[11:55 PM] Emilly Orr: ....
[11:55 PM] Emilly Orr: Meeroos don't wear clothing.
[11:56 PM] Frozen Rage: huh?
[11:56 PM] Duvage Brandi: wth is meeroos?
[11:56 PM] Doran Shamrock: thats kinda funny, i was talking about a DV8 edition meeero with Blache yesterday
[11:56 PM] Bermillion Sugarplum: well they should <.< how cute would that bee. xD!
[11:56 PM] Emilly Orr: The latest annoying sculpted overscripted breedable.
[11:56 PM] Frozen Rage: basically a snack
[11:56 PM] Bermillion Sugarplum: yup and its so cutes ^^
[11:56 PM] tempest Heartsdale: omg that would so be awesome
[11:57 PM] Emilly Orr: Basically
Gad, I take it all back. That's just about the lowest level of stup--oh, no...

Later still, same chat:
[12:11 AM] Five Zenfold: Im going to leave this group...if you're nto advertsing anything please dont spam me with dumb shit.
[12:11 AM] Frozen Rage: ah ha
[12:12 AM] Lysana McMillan: Bye, Five!
[12:12 AM] Kranah Heartsdale: wow, no fun at all lol
[12:12 AM] Anarya Elderslie: Ciao!
[12:12 AM] Emilly Orr: Wau. Way to win points with the designer, Five, saying they can't run the chat how they want to run it.
Yeah. Okay. THAT is officially the stupidest thing heard tonight in a chat. Just damn, people.

Of course, I am possessed of snark tonight, so I had to let her know (it's a her):
[12:15 AM] Emilly Orr: By the way, congratulations--I think you win the clueless award for the week.
[12:15 AM] Five Zenfold: clueless huh drama in my box.. fuck you idiot dont talk me.
[12:16 AM] Emilly Orr will not 'talk you' again if you so wish.

Moving from stupid to stupid...I want to talk a little bit again about scripted pets. While we're not in the land of sim-based script limitations yet, we're easily on our way there if we don't cut out how we're using sim--and personal--script resources. Of course inventory plays into it, and how our attachments are scripted, but--well, let me use a personal example.

Got word down from the boss-lady to check over all our sims for presence of scripted pets. With the adoption of the Meeroo as the latest adowwable must-have, people are trying to sneak pets onto sims again--and those sims are lagging.

So on my sims, I went through the top scripts, and I found some memorable things that people may not adequately understand.

1. The biggest sim resource hog, hands down: YOU. That never changes. If you are stark naked, with no scripted HUDS, no scripted attachments, take off your scripted clothing, scripted shoes and scripted hair, there's still the cost of YOU on the grid. Avatars are always at the top of the resource list.

2. Second on the list, and this rarely ever varies: sex beds. Or, to be more specific, sex equipment, because of the amount of scripts that are listening actively, or that respond on a click to whatever's being clicked. Let me make this plain--I don't care what people have in their homes or skyboxen, I'm not looking for that, just pets--but I have returned and will return sex equipment that is a) on the ground and b) not in a house. Because that's on the important side--unless you're in an Adult sim, having a bondage cross in the front yard with explicitly labeled pose balls is on the tacky side, and we warn, and then return. (With usually 24 hours between the warning, and the returning.)

3. Third on the list, and this also rarely ever varies: scripted pets. In particular, your scripted pets. Whatever precious little furry darlings you're in love with this week. I haven't seen a single thing that makes Meeroos any better than Amaretto horses, Ozimal bunnies, or Sion chickens for that matter, and I'm not inclined favorably to any of them.

My advice? Read your covenant. Because if you don't, you're still bound by it, you're just being stupid about it. Or, more to the point:

* Light covenant sims in Solace: 4 scripted pets for every 512 square meters of land you rent from us;

* Residential/commercial/Adult commercial sims: 1 scripted pet for every 512 square meters of land you rent from us.

And you know what? That is not going to change unless the boss-lady changes it. I don't have any control over it, no other EM has any control over it, and we won't have a lot of pity if you have enough land to give you seven scripted pets and you have forty-two. Or eighty-nine. Or one hundred and eighteen. Or more.

All we're going to do is warn you, then send your pets back. And if your pets are the kind that still die when they're returned? Not our problem. You needed to read the covenant.

Honestly, what are some people, five? Seriously, I should not have to keep explaining this.


Serenity Semple said...

Epic chat posts there. XD You just have to love what people say and do. But on the breedables; ugh I wish it was a trend that would go away. Next thing from Ozimals is strangelings! Woooo! Another thing for people to go nuts over. =_= I just don't see how people can waste so much money on these things and just not care. Ah well. XD

Emilly Orr said...

Strangelings? Great...

People get crazy about pets in any reality, I know this. At one point, I lived in a house that could have qualified for an animal shelter, my roommates had so many pets, so I understand the impulse. What I don't get is so many estates have specific rules and regulations expressly concerning breedable pets, that are not there for any other type of scripted item.

And, with the covenants I've read, Solace Beach is tolerant, all things considered. So it's just the people not thinking this nonsense through. Because eighty-nine pets on a 2048 parcel won't fly in any sim!

Fogwoman Gray said...

but i disagree with ur rulz cuz there stoopid and itz a free country and i cn hav all horses n meeroos i want

Fogwoman Gray said...

I forgot the lol
bad Fogwoman

Emilly Orr said...

See, the lol is VITAL.

What kills me about this--and I'm not exempt--is the complete lack of comprehension on attachments and scripting. Scripted hair, shoes, and skirts? Maybe listening scripts for a HUD? A necklace that someone made out of seventeen tortured megaprims made invisible? People have no clue about the server-side/client-side split, let alone a single thing about collision rates...but you'd think some of this would sink in by osmosis, if nothing else, after the Sion chicken debacle.

But then, I remain convinced that 60% of all avatars on the grid use their internet connections to connect to Second Life, play Farmville on Facebook, and watch videos about cats. It's such a broader range of field, people...expand your horizons! Learn something!

Deoridhe said...

Honestly, outside of people being angry about covenant-breaking things, I can't understand the hate-on for breedables. I guess I can understand people not wanting to play with them or participate, but I'm getting a bit tired of people outright saying I'm not creative, I'm a spendthrift, and I shouldn't be on Second Life because of one of my hobbies.

I guess I just don't understand why simply by playing farmville (which I do sometimes) or breeding meeroos suddenly I have shallow horizons and I'm unintelligent and uncreative. I'm trying to accept that people will simply judge and dislike me based on one or two choices, but that doesn't make it not hurt.

Emilly Orr said...

I don't think you're in that 60% of avatars who aren't using their brains as anything but convenient skull fluff. For one thing, you can spell.

The hate-on for breedables is not, really, about the breedables themselves (save for Sion chickens--their collision rates were, and ALWAYS were, abysmal; even Azriel, when he bought into them, had to specially design the floor of the pen because the floor of the bespoke pen was causing more problems than the birds!), but it's solely about quantity.

I offer an example. Say you own a sim. It's a full sim, not a homestead. You have perhaps 700 prims down before you launch your Amaretto breeding ranch. You have control over how often you can restart your sim; you have control over how many prims you have down at any given time. On a full sim, especially if it's left mostly undeveloped, you could put down three hundred horses, easy. It might lag that sim to death, but you could do it.

Conversely, our usual pet-owning tenant. They don't own one pet, see how it works, then buy one or two more. They, nearly to a single avatar, buy fifteen at once, plunk them all down, activate them to breed, and watch the sim fill up. And they have the gall to complain when we come in and tell them to reduce their pets. (Or, even better, they complain to us about the lag that THEY are causing with THEIR pets!)

If someone wants to plunk a bunch of breedable pets in the middle of their sim--it's their sim. I may be wary of the lag that will cause, but it's their sim, their rules.

With most of our pet-owning tenants, it's not their sim, and they're only using a portion of it, not the full thing. And they generally own enough land to allow 5% of the total pets they want out. That is unbelievably stupid, there is no other term for it.

Deoridhe said...

"The hate-on for breedables is not, really, about the breedables themselves, but it's solely about quantity."

Except the language used around it also isn't about the breedables, but rather the intellect of the people who raise them. Frankly, I gladly take my place among the 60% without brains due to my hobbies, if the alternative is to dislike people based on their hobbies and make insulting generalizations about them.

Emilly Orr said...

And you're free to do that; I've been hated before, I'll be hated again. This is nothing new for me.

But in all honesty, you find me one person who is renting, not owning their own land outright, who has eighty-nine pets out on their parcel, who has a working brain, an understanding of grammar and spelling, and an appreciation of collision physics and scripting cost...and I'll laugh, because like as not, that person either has moved to their own sim (or, more bafflingly, usually a homestead), or DOESN'T HAVE EIGHTY-NINE PETS OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Look. Whatever draws people to scripted pets--I don't get it, and that's fine, I'm obviously not the target market. But it's a pattern of behavior. I have yet to find one, even just one, single, solitary, avatar who is lagging out their sim with forty-two or eighty-nine or one hundred and eighteen (all actual numbers of scripted pets, usually horses or Meeroos) little breedables, who has not been stupid, argumentative, unreasonable, and obnoxious.

And I've had it. This is the moment where I snapped. And if you're willing to be in the 60% of people who like to have all the scripted pets in the universe, and get offended when we point out the covenant rules you agreed to when renting our land, and are completely confused when we explain that the constant draining lag on your sim is because of your pets, and put more out anyway...well, more power to you, then, have fun.

As long as it lasts.

Deoridhe said...

Urm... when did I say I would hate you? I'm objecting to insulting peoples' intellect based on their hobbies; given that, why in the nine worlds would I insult someone or dislike them based on a single opinion?

I am saddened and hurt by my suddenly being described as an unintelligent, horrible person based on one of my SL hobbies, but I don't hate any of the people describing me thus; that seems rather pointless to me. I'd like the people who like to insult people based on their hobbies to maybe rethink their stance and their decision to insult people, but I'm certainly not going to insult you to do so. Again, seems rather pointless.

This seems to be in a bit of a negative cycle, though, if I've come off as now hating you - so having said I don't, I will leave the discussion here.

Emilly Orr said...

I am prone to hyperbole and drama; and from what you said, yes, it was a leap from registering hurt over statements made, to hatred.

(That being said, there are people who do hate me on the grid. This I well know, and that is unfortunately fact, not fantasy.)

So...pushing aside the over-emotionalism (as much as I can, this IS a hot-button topic for me): I apologize for grouping everyone who has ever been drawn to virtual pets as intellectually diminished, and incapable of learning. That was a broad generalization; you are right. I apologize.

However. Find me one person who rents a 4096 parcel on any estate who has over 75 pets out and:

* is over a year old on the grid
* can hold a conversation without resorting to leetspeak
* has actually read the covenant for their estate

and I will be pleased to meet them and revise my opinion.