Wednesday, June 1, 2011

still this pulsing night, a plague I call a heartbeat

From the Newbie Files:
[19:53] AugustRushofSuburbia: hey. ur character is pretty damn hot.
[19:53] Gothique Graves: Thank you :)
[19:53] AugustRushofSuburbia: ur welcome ;)
[19:53] AugustRushofSuburbia: haha
[19:55] AugustRushofSuburbia: holyy shit.. nicee ass
[19:55] Gothique Graves: Lol thanks
[19:55] AugustRushofSuburbia: haha no prob.
[20:00] AugustRushofSuburbia: wanna b my cyber gf?? lol
[20:00] AugustRushofSuburbia: even tho i barely know u (:
[20:00] AugustRushofSuburbia: hahahaha
[20:00] Gothique Graves: I'm partnered, sorry :)
[20:01] AugustRushofSuburbia: lol kk haha.
There are men that get women, and women that envy those men...and then there are these guys.

Gentlemen, don't be this guy.

Next up, some unpleasant news from Bugtussle:

Everyone please [bear] with us as we try to figure out what has happened.

Sher and I logged in tonight,after paying our rent only 2 days ago, to find Bugtussle gone, and all our items returned.

At the moment we do not know what has happened, what we are going to do or
what has happened to our rent money for the month or if LL will do anything for us.

Lvs&co Marketplace is up and running, now. Thank you to a friend who has allowed me to put the marketplace boxes on a platform above her sim.

Again please keep us in your prayers,as we try to figure this out.
Speaking for myself this impacts not only my SL life, but my RL one as well.

Why anyone would be so cruel as to steal someones hard earned money, and destroy something we've worked so hard on,is beyond me.

Please keep up to date on whats going on at the website.
hopefully this will be taken care of in a day or so.

All we can do is hope.

Ravenlynn and Sher

I'm hoping it turns around for them; LVS & Company doesn't have a large stake in my wardrobe (these days, I wander anywhere the patchwork skirts are) but the pieces they've designed have always been flirty, fun, feminine, and manage to merge that impossible separation between sumptuous design, and simple, clean lines. They've always been a great stop for dolly dresses, they just started a childrens' line which is beyond adorable, they started branching out into fauns (and yes, for guys too), they have costumes, they have a bridal line--I mean, these are designers who have new product out frequently, have an active group, throw hunts, have frequent sales--and that's without going into what an amazing job they did decorating Bugtussle in the first place!

I have no idea what happened; but frankly, I'm sincerely hoping it works out in their favor.

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