Monday, June 20, 2011

the love bones knock against the hate bones, and the fingers click in time

Pursuant to the entry from earlier, there's now an update from the hunt group attached to the Superheroes hunt. This is quoted verbatim from the notice sent out:
Torrie Darkfold will be sending you a new finished hunt prize. Its the Batboat based off of the Adam West TV Series. Please accept that and enjoy
The "Batboat" in question:

(from the bizarre album)

Ooookay, then. replace someone's ripped copy of the original, finely-detailed full avatar from Boxed Heroes, they whipped together some knock-off infringement from an old TV show.

Yeah, that gives me a LOT of confidence in the hunt organizers. Really.


Serenity Semple said...

LOL. XD I only did a couple stops for that hunt but other than that, I passed by. Least it was pretty organized in that it had a list of the shops and slurls and such. That's saying a lot more than most places. But for prize-wise, I think SL is still aching.

Emilly Orr said...

Spam advertisement deleted.

Emilly Orr said...

Now then. I won't go out on that limb and say the organizers of that hunt were actively malicious. But they have no idea of quality control, and what's more, they have no idea of the community they're in. I think superheroes on the grid, I think Boxed Heroes first, hands down. Hells, ask any of the Justice League members on the grid, and while their costumes may or may not have come from Boxed Heroes, they know about it.

So they accepted pretty much anyone who said sure, I'll join on the hunt; and then they actually paid out Lindens (and an exorbitant amount of them) for someone to make them an end prize avatar. Is it their fault that that paid thug infringed on Boxed Heroes' original work? No. But they're pretty damned blind to the fact that it was an exact copy, and that they were giving it out full perms beyond that.

So evil? No. I don't think they're evil. But dim? Hell yes.