Monday, June 6, 2011

the train pulls into the station, and no one gets off, and no one gets on

Pixeldolls is having a quiet little fundraiser for It's called the "Honeypot" shirt, and it sells for L$100 for a limited time:

(from the fashion album)

This is an intriguingly semi-sheer art blouse on all layers. This is one of those impossible-in-RL tops, by the way, because the 'drip' effect just would never lay that smoothly against anything but bare skin. If that. Still, it's lovely, the shading is phenomenal, and it does have that effect of shimmering honey drops along the hem.

Go down, toss a hundred, you get a great top on all layers, and you support a great forum site that only explodes into drama every other day. (And sometimes, that's part of the place. Think of it as local color.)

In other news...

BELLA'S CONDO FOR RENT 850L A WEEK, the land said. The description went on:
Beatyful condo (3 storys high) fully furnished with nothing but pure romance!!!! huge Hot tub!! with sex emoticons and much more!! free to do as you like is an Adult Condo just dont bother your neighbors!!! rent due 1st day contact Bella Mariposa for info
Wau, there are so many problems with this one.

First, is the condo she's trying to rent:

(from the bizarre album)

Three floors of boxy blue condo-house, for rent. On land she's not supposed to offer rentals on. Not only that, but three floors of inexpertly decorated boxy blue condo-house, offering adult beds and sex animations that are not supposed to be behind full-length glass walls on the ground floor.

(from the bizarre album)

The front room. Note presence of rezzed-out product box, in the center of the space she's supposedly offering people, fully furnished, as said "Adult rental".

(from the bizarre album)

The second "fully furnished" floor. Note presence furniture?

(from the bizarre album)

The third floor. I swear, this entire place looks like some 1980's junk-bond investment condominium, all blue glass and track lighting. At least there's room for fifteen in the hot tub?

(from the bizarre album)

And a view off the top patio, featuring next door's spotlight. Yes, absolutely, that adds to the sense of romance.

I guess this is filed under stupid people are stupid...Oh, and Miss Bella Mariposa, mentioned on the land description? She doesn't exist. At least, not in SL.

I'm sure no one will be surprised that this parcel was reclaimed for violation of the estate's covenant provisions. Dimwit.

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