Monday, December 6, 2010

sing it out, girl, before they kill what tomorrow brings

Oh, the irony.


DV8 Designs is selling a steampunk holiday tree. It's copyable, modifiable (I made it bigger, and changed the colors), no transfer--and only L$75. What's more, it moves--each gear rotates, independently. And, as it's a modifiable thingy, you could likely easily toss a sound generator or a particle set-up in it. (I'm thinking of importing a handful of little silver gears and making it poof quietly.)

Go get it.

[07:16 PM] Paracelsus Schonberg: The piano, however, was unexpected.
[07:18 PM] Eclectric Breitman: No one expects the Pianish Acquisition!
[07:20 PM] Emilly Orr facepalms and moves on.

There's some really scary Krampus pictures on the Etsy blog. Still seems like such an odd tradition: instead of coal in their stocking, children who misbehave get whipped! And lo, the holiday fetish was born...

More from Adam & Eve (they've released new fantasy eyes!) and spots around and about soon. But for now, go nab that steampunk tree! It's a steal at twice the price, for all you can do with it.


Lalo Telling said...

That gear tree is a clever piece of design... if I still had a home in SL to decorate, I'd grab one. I might do so, anyway, just in case.

Emilly Orr said...

You could always contact Vasha Martinek. See if there might be willingness to send you a version on InWorldz.

Hank Rucker said...

Hmm. It might be my lack of a group, but I'm seeing the tree at L$150. Still a good price, but odd.

Emilly Orr said...


*coughs* Also hee. With glasses, even.

Fer as the tree goes, I know when I bought it, it was L$75. That may have been an opening-day special, though, not just a group thing--Vasha's on the notorious side for intro-day half-off sales.

Hank Rucker said...

Ahh, that explains much then... And YAS! Bespectacled Zombie is I!

Emilly Orr said...

Still makes me giggle. Fer as the chat over on Gmail, since I got home--well, now--later than you sent it--no, we (as a group, and I, as an individual) are not avoiding Skype and/or Fawkes. There is pain, yes, and there is heartbreak on both sides, yes. And we are limping along about as well as can be expected.

Part of it's that I just plain forget to log in of an evening, and part of it is, since we don't have a four-pack seeing- or doing-things group, post-split, we don't have as much cause to log in.

But I will mention it to the girls and be better about logging in, because I miss you guys, too.

Like as not I'll be the only one active tonight, and mayhap for the rest of the week--the girl went in for three more tooth extractions, so she is very woozy and there is much ow.