Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have a bulletproof heart, you have a hollowpoint smile

Fun new thing from Kallisti Burns:

I must confess, the response to the release of the EFB01 style instore has been quite surprising. It sold better than I thought it ever would - so I took it upon myself to make it available in Natural White on the Second Life Marketplace:


This is her product pic of it:


Now here's the thing. I wasn't going to release this style for sale in all colors... BUT... I'll go ahead and make the rest of the textures, create the remaining 34 colorways and GIVE THEM AWAY FREE IN THE SUBSCRIBEOMATIC if the 1000th unit of the EFB01 in white sells on the Marketplace before midnight on the 18th of December 2010. I'll also look at making some flexi braids to have available instore for early in the new year.

And here's a few shots of me wearing it, front:


and back:


Prim count: 85. Which is kind of unheard of--to get lower hair, you have to go deeply into sculpted hair terrain, or buy from Adam & Eve or the SkyShop. This is honestly in the lowest prims I've seen on a braided style.

Sounds good? All you need to do is follow the link, spend a Linden, tell your friends and get them to do the same; and have the[m] join the subscribeomatic if they're not already on the list.

If I see 1000 sales confirmations before the end of Friday, I'll get these styles out for you by Christmas. OK - it sounds like a lot, but bear in mind there are nearly SIX thousand of you receiving this notecard... it's certainly possible...

So what do you say?

I say yes, and I already bought it. It's well in line with her other braided styles--they flow naturally, they look like braided hair, and they aren't crushingly prim-heavy (which, I admit, has been a problem on other braided styles, because--well, honestly, braids are primmy!). But this one isn't. It's just pretty.

More importantly, this one is in natural white, which she doesn't do often--most of her whites are silver-touched, greyed, or pure ice-whites, and this one has that actual-hair look of pale hair stranded with gold. Whether or not she gets her thousand sales--and I'm hoping she will--at the very least you'll have a long braided hair, fairly easy to modify for unisex wear, that isn't in an everyday color.

So what do you say? Click the link, toss down a Linden--if 999 of you do so by Friday (and you're either in the subscribe-o-matic, or you plan on joining up)--you get this style in all the colors. This is too good to pass up, people!

(The skin I'm wearing is free, part of a pack of eight 'Winter Spirit' skins currently free from Curious Kitties' Winter Festival; eyes are Mortis in Mercury from House of Ruin, no longer available; dress is "Heidi", December 11th's gift from Kouse's Sanctum on her Advent Calendar.)

Lastly, overheard in the Thrifty Goth group:

[05:22 PM] Althea Faulkland: i had a male AV literally ask me 'want to be having the sex now please?'
[05:22 PM] Emilly Orr cackles
[05:22 PM] Emilly Orr: Oh, that's priceless.
[05:22 PM] Metsys79 Resident: lol at least he said please lol
[05:22 PM] Sherri Zeurra: i was in a club once... and had one IM me... 4 days old... looked like he just walked off the SL webpage
[05:23 PM] Sherri Zeurra: "hi....what are you doing?"
[05:23 PM] Leighlee Trafalgar: lol
[05:23 PM] Sherri Zeurra: "want to have sex?"
[05:23 PM] Eve Laloix: D:
[05:23 PM] Sherri Zeurra: it was soooo tempting to say "yes, but not with you.." but i was too nice. :P
[05:24 PM] Sherri Zeurra: i had a friend tell me i should have said "don't you know there's a 30 day waiting period"
[05:24 PM] Emilly Orr: I like that.

I really do. Not that I'd ever go through with it, but I'm so tempted to flip that on the next newcomer that asks. My former fallback for snark? "Sorry, you have to be over twenty to ride this ride."

You'd be shocked stupid how many of them answer, "Well, I'll be twenty...soon..."


Sphynx Soleil said...

I have teh knack for androgynous, if you ever get tired of getting hit on... *grins* I think I've managed to not get hit on even ONCE since the last shape modification several months back. :)

Emilly Orr said...

Yeah, unfortunately, I can't manage to completely strap the breasts down, is my main difficulty. That, and some of the skins I've gotten recently have that enhanced-cleavage thing? Which is sort of "oh goodness look at those!" in most of my dresses.

Maybe I should start wearing turtlenecks and suits. :)

Anonymous said...

I am very small and curvy. I do not get hit on and recently have discovered why.... a friend confessed that I was a very scary AV when they first met me: because they thought I was a horned demon of some kind.

After a few meetings, they realized those were my ears, not horns.

tip: Scary long pointy ears....keeps the mad sexy away.

Emilly Orr said...

To wear antenna ears, or not to wear antenna ears...And of course, that's always dependent on where you are--I've had guys completely go bonkers over my one demon character, and she was (I thought) playing to the unattractive--gaunt, starkly featured, hooves, and a very interactive tail...

It's also worth noting that I originally developed my base shape (which is the one I use with, oh, about three major variations, and most still have the same face, ish) when I was stripping. And I really haven't updated by that much from those days. :)

Serenity said...

LOL, I love the convos. XD But yes, those dreads = LuvLuv. I hope we get enough people to buy them.

Emilly Orr said...

Yeah. Still love that her stuph is moddable, and that most can be worn unisex, with just a little adjustment.

I'm hoping.