Thursday, December 23, 2010

it's late, and morning's in no hurry, but sleep won't set me free (pt. I)

Videogum covers a full retrospective of the best 2010 viral videos, hands down--no pun intended--but I wanted to explore the list a little, because honestly, I'd missed some of these.

Double Dream Hands

How on earth did I miss this? Best description: Whiter than frightened milk. There's even a mash-up version that works frighteningly well. (But I still say nothing beats Glee's version of that song on the football field.) Honestly, my jaw hit the floor when he said "Double dream hands", and then I started giggling like a mad fool when he made the distinction between dream hands and jazz hands. Well, I guess you wouldn't want to get those confused, huh?

Rock on.

Sesame Street 'Whip My Hair'

The weird thing about this one? I don't think the original message--that if you're black, you can still love the hell out of your hair, because it's just as beautiful as anyone else's--is diluted at all by this mash-up.


You ever think celebrities watch the videos that feature their names? This one would at least give me the feeling that I made people happy--for at least four minutes. (Also, if you think you recognize the name of the video maker? If you've ever seen the Potter Puppet Pals, you've seen his work.)

Stop, Think, Connect

I didn't get the creepy stalker vibe Videogum seemed to off this teacher; I figure, more power to him, he's at least out there trying to keep kids sort of safe online (even though the chorus of the song seems to fly directly in the fact of several of the song's cautionary lyrics). It's still funny, though, in that realm of "Aw, he's so cute when he tries to be hip".

Ghost Rides the Tractor

Apparently there are a lot of "Ghost rides" videos out there, both good and bad. (And really bad.) This one? Is at the top of the list. You have to be some kind of bored to spend this much time playing in the field with props. World, give this poor man something else to do.

There's a horse in that car!

There is. They're not kidding. It looks to be a dwarf pony, but even so. Spring for a trailer next time, honestly.

Best Day of Her Life

Ostensibly, this is at a wedding in Belarus somewhere. I must confess: I have never heard of a folk dance before that involved armament.

Olson Twins Nightmare

I'm...not entirely sure it didn't air this way on the original Full House episode...

Just Up Dude

Best comment to describe this one: "This is clearly a being who has penetrated the Darkest Reaches of Cosmic Mystery and returned...changed." Um....yeah. Plus, he lives somewhere in Colorado. In a very odd home.

With padded walls.

And the last one for this entry (don't you think ten is enough?):

Cheer Up, Sad Keanu

Sometimes I'm deeply confused as to what makes a meme in the first place. Whatever does, That Picture of Keanu Reeves did. And it went into everything.

And then someone wrote Keanu a song. To cheer him up. And then Keanu started getting some of his own back. So it wasn't all bad.

More later.


Sphynx Soleil said...

Not viral, but damn funny if you decide to do a post on this theme: Tesla fanvid

Edward Pearse said...

I hadn't seen any of those. I wonder if they make a distinction between "best" and "most watched".

Emilly Orr said...

On this list, I hadn't seen any of them, either. I started seeing some few here and there as the list goes on, but overall, I was much less tuned in to viral video.