Thursday, December 23, 2010

it's late, and morning's in no hurry, but sleep won't set me free (pt. IV)

And the last one.

Worst Wedding DJ Ever

I'm still pondering if that's the correct title. I mean, he's no great shakes as a DJ, but there must be worst wedding DJs out there. No, what gets me--and what perplexed more than four million other people--is the casual bit of tit-slapping on the--is it his wife? Gods help us all if she's just a casual bystander standing so completely unfazed on the stage--woman in the video.

Nanaimo Fire Rescue

Now, by report, this man is disabled, with both motor-skill and speech-center impairments. Even so, he's cognizant enough to flip off the paramedic who comes to his side after rescuing him from the burning house. (One naturally would presume, his burning house.) So it's not an unreasonable assumption, I would think, that perhaps intoxicants of some kind played a part in this.

Brendan Fraser remix

This is a work of insane genius. I'm sure we've all had moments where our bodies just don't respond to the commands given, and we look foolish doing something we honestly hadn't given that much thought to, either way.

But how many of those little, human moments are then immortalized with a remixed song and bouncy Gwen Stefani lyrics?

The Trololololo song

As we all know by now, this is something that used to be quite popular in Russia called vocalise. This performance was sung by Eduard Anatolyevich Khil, but there are other examples of the medium, including Khil's student, Koós János, singing the same song.

Old Spice Guy responds to Old Spice Guy

Isaiah Mustafa, a talented voice actor, was given an opportunity to be in an Old Spice commercial, and everyone went crazy--both for his performance, and for the quirky, original play on the brand. Countless other commercials were made, and for a while, Mustafa would answer questions sent to him on YouTube.

This was one of them. As Videogum put it: "Old Spice Guy Responds to Old Spice Guy, Internet Explodes". Precisely. I'm on a horse.

Alexis Courage

Oh, man. Footage from the oft-cited sports competition from hell--as far as mistakes made--paired with Scala's rendition of Radiohead's "Creep". Could it get more perfect? The original was something to wince over or to laugh at, depending on temperment--but the remake elevates Alexis to the stature of embattled woman-on-the-verge, poised to wrest greatness from failure--backed by a choral group who will forever be immortal for not understanding the lyrics.

And finally...

Double Rainbow All the Way

First, there was a quiet wanderer in the wilderness. Then Amanda Palmer spent some time surfing the net, and discovered it. And posted it on Twitter. It hit almost instantly into song turf, and the phrase "Double Rainbow" worked its way onto t-shirts and into the personal lexicon of Nathan Fillion. It was the Tube heard round the world, literally.

And hey, advancement for the species--for once, it had nothing to do with hatred, cruelty, disaster, tragedy, or overly twee pets and kittens! Go us! We're learning!

Okay, that's all of them (that I intend to cover, anyway). Just to round things out, have the Pillow Song:

and then that's it for the year. I may cull through my own personal trove of 'really liked these vids' over the next few days, but trust me, it won't be such solid video-embed glut. Happy holidays!

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