Sunday, December 19, 2010

but the fire is so delightful

Granted, this is more holiday-themed, but this is exactly what I hate about SL hosting:
Have ya got those CANDY CANES for those stockings yet ? What kind of CANDY CANES will you get for those stockins ? Will they be the traditional ones of RED & WHITE, or will they be GREEN & WHITE, or will it be some other color. While ya is thinking about what CANDY CANES you will get for those Christmas stocking, might as well wear the colors of the CANDY CANE possibilities for those Christmas stockings.
SYN spins.
I hate so much about this kind of blurb. The repetition. The inane capitalization of the theme, like we're being beaten with a megaphone in festive holiday colors. The fact that--with the removal of the holiday references--you could substitute any other theme for this one.

I don't mind the notices kept in theme; that's part of the point of theme nights. Naughty nurses, ponytails, lingerie nights, all-one-color parties, favorite animals, or foods, or drinks, demo dances--whatever. It happens, it's a feature, we all accept and understand this.

It's just...this style of announcing. With the random shouted things. And the emphasis on theme. Like this one from earlier this month:
Let's get into our BAGGIES and get rockin the place.
What kind of BAGGIES will ya be wearing RAVE ONES, SOLID COLORED ONES or some other type of BAGGIES ?
VICKY spins the tunage for our event tonight.
Can't wait ta se y'all in ya BAGGIES..
That's an exact quote, word for word, from the notice, by the way. I always want to IM the sender and say THANK YOU, I THINK WE ALL GET IT NOW. With maybe the second line saying simple AND PLEASE STOP SHOUTING.

Amazon is having a bit of an ethics crisis; they're taking down any novel that had previously been sold on the Kindle that mentions incest, on 'pedophilia' grounds. Now, I doubt what they're suffering is a porn problem; first, they have an established erotica line, and that's not going away, as far as I know. I also think most of the books being targeted so far do, in fact, mention incest as a bad thing, or at least are clearly in the incest-fantasy business (which generally features 'incest' between a not-so-parental-type and a sixteen-to-eighteen year old participant), not the incest-reality game. But it doesn't seem to matter, Amazon's removing them anyway.

There's no positive word yet on whether those user accounts will be credited, or if they're just out of luck...again. Though there is report on that site that at least one user who asked for a refund was publically chastized by the Amazon representative--for buying the book at all.

Seen those little sub-whirlwinds of trash blowing around in urban sims? Well, now there's a holiday version. (That amuses me so much, I can't even tell you why. Maybe the sheer over-the-top ludicrous nature of it.)

Just overheard in the FallnAngels store group:

[04:29 PM] DjayMike Jewell: do not care stfu
[04:29 PM] Lysana McMillan: o.O
[04:29 PM] Azriel Demain: Djay, I will not be addressed like that in my own group. You are gone

In brief: Azriel posted the blurb for day five of the Falln holiday hunt. And that was DjayMike's response.

I was so expecting him to be three days old, with that kind of backlash reaction, but he was born in 2007. In March of 2007, even, so he's older than I am on the grid. I'm so disappointed now.

I guess stupid comes in all ages.

Ever wonder what the ratings on the video game boxes really mean? Josué Pereira explains it all. You're welcome.

Finally, there are things in this strange grid I cannot even begin to explain. This is one of them. You're welcome.


Rhianon Jameson said...

Re: Amazon, I find that bizarre. I wonder if they'll stop selling everything related to incest, e.g., "The Deeper In," by the Drive-By Truckers ( (which is apparently based on an actual prosecution). At any rate, while I like the convenience of downloaded books, stories like this make me appreciate the permanence of the printed, bound word.

Emilly Orr said...

I have to admit a similar feeling--can you imagine if Bantam, say, or Tor Books, sent a letter to every library saying this or that book was being recalled, and they were to contact all their patrons, and return all their copies? I mean, baby furniture that's not made right, fine; but erasing all access to a book which was originally deemed fine to offer, until some random person complained? "I don't approve of this book" should mean, in the electronic realm, "I want to kill my personal access to this and receive a refund". Instead, what we are seeing is "I don't approve of this book" becomes "No one gets to read this book".

And that way lies...well, even greater censorship than we have already.