Sunday, December 12, 2010

everyone wants to change the world, but no one, no one wants to die

Miss Hera Aviatik has noticed a lack on the grid, at present, and is doing her utmost to fill it:

"Save the Nekos" Promotion....................
I am the Owner and Creator of Katia Soma- Neko Wear,
I have notice a sudden drop in nekos around the grid and it makes me quite sad :(
So I am running the "Save the Nekos" event. Which may sound crazy to most but hell thats me.
From Dec 1st till Dec 15th i would like this notecard to be passed around. You have my permission to pass to anyone you know, send in ANY groups you are in and participate if you see fit.
I will be giving a FREE neko outfit of YOUR CHOICE from my Katia Soma store.
No strings, i dont want nothing from ya!!!!
All you have to do is take the LM below, pick out an outfit on first floor (adult section only). Write in a notecard you name and outfit choice and drop in my mailbox at entrance wall of adult store.
PLEASE name your nc Free Outfit- with your name.
DO NOT send directly to me, i will not redeem if you do!!!
And i will be keepin names of people i hand outfits out to, so make sure its only ONE.
Again this is FREE and there are no limits to how many people.
I will be checkin mailbox at night and send outfits out as soon as i have the chance :P
Pass this to as many as you can :P
Any questions IM Hera Aviatik

Most of her work runs to miniskirts and those huge legwarmer-slash-stomper paw boots called "boomers", but here and there are some potentially useful items. In this corner, in fact, she has a few items sold with 'paw boots'--what seems to be essentially high-heeled granny-styled boots--with claws on the boot toes. It's interesting, if nothing else.

As a neko myself (at least half the time), I say Miss Aviatik has a generous heart and a giving soul, and I say anyone who feels moved should go down to her store, wander it while things rez in, and, if you favor such, pick out an outfit by the 15th to request. At best, you get a new outfit out of it. At worst, you're upping her traffic, which may increase her store's popularity in search just a wee bit. There's no wrong outcome here.

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