Saturday, July 10, 2010

did you plan this all along? did you care if it went wrong?

ACK chairs

You ever get the idea that the universe is speaking to you? Though this is an overly sarcastic comment, methinks.

That, or my personal SL Deity has changed from My Lord Stiv to Bill the Cat.


And sometimes, building in the Solace sims, I find the oddest things under the water. This is a Nissan something. No idea why it's standing upright like that.

And yes, yes, I am the little bat-winged chipmunk. Shush.

Fascinating little bit on Cyber Command's encoded logo that mentions Kryptos, still unsolved more than twenty years after construction.

And DJ Earworm has an amazing touch with video and music remixes--No More Gas takes on dystopian futures, the danger of the American way of life, the desire for more at any cost, death, dying, despair, fashion, the cult of personality, and fighting on even when the fight is doomed--using only pop songs recorded over two years.

Also, remember when Gaia used to be a kids' game? Now there are little kid-size avatars running around in molded rubber with tentacle-rape helmets and fetish stilettos. When, precisely, did this get out of hand?

Though it's centered on viewer 2.0, Alice's Lessons on Viewing should very nearly be required watching for all residents of the grid. (Alice also helpfully gives tutorial tips on flying and walking.)

[17:29] Emilly Orr: Hi, ecstasia. Let me know if I can help with any rental questions.
[17:29] ecstasia Seubert: ty
[17:30] Emilly's Google Translator: ecstasia Seubert:Company

Why does my translator keep doing this? It's like it's got a Beanie Babies fetish, or something.

Also, the Lindens rolled out the first stage of their Search fix. For many of us, it's too little, too late, and the damage is already extensive, resulting in extraordinary loss of sales and trust in the Labs.

How'ver, there's something else going on in search that's somewhat mystifying to me personally:
  • Exclude parcels for private sale in general search
Now, granted, I don't use viewer 2.0, and I rarely use the All search category, but is this referring to "All" or to all of Search? F'rinstance, if I happen to be searching Land Sales and I want to see all land selling for L$2.50 a square meter, it won't return any private land offer results?

That's more than a bit insane-sounding.

And last night in Organica, Operation Squeegee raised over L$165,000 in Lindens from the attendees of six hours of psytrance and goa. Wonderful benefit; wonderful cause. We're still going until the 15th.


Sphynx Soleil said...

Mayhap they mean that parcels for sale from one individual to another specific individual won't be listed. At least that's my take on it - if it's being held for a particular buyer, then it doesn't really need to be in search.

Though...would be nice to see land sale stats...I doubt the lab would set that up, too much bad news methinks. :)

Emilly Orr said...

Perhaps. But what if it's offered up for sale to anyone who clicks the ad? If there's no advertising allowed for private land are they going to get the world out?

I'd love to see land sale stats, too. And it won't ever happen. That metric gets out, everyone will panic when the land figures dip too low.