Wednesday, July 14, 2010

were it but words that called me home

Sometimes you just gotta grind.

Do you feel your pets are somewhat lacking in the protective defense department? Do you stay up at night thinking they're not really able to fight to the death with their chosen prey? Consider pet armor; now in mouse sizes!

Insanely in-depth analysis of the Sad Keanu meme; I particularly relish the pic near the bottom that manages to combine the Sad Keanu image with a still from the Double Rainbow video. There should be some sort of 'explodes from the awesome' reaction for that.

Speaking of awesome, this is. And yet again, it makes my brain just fold in half--how deeply Firefly wrote into so many of us, and yet, this is all we have. We're doing all these fan tributes off one season. One season, one movie, and no one else will give Joss another chance. That's insane.

So, it occurred to me, three sims in, that I'd been getting requests from friends as to exactly what I'm doing, it seems so odd to them. So I figured, I'd start with a brand new sim to work on...but this one's going to be a challenge.

Solace Beach,Second Life,build,virtual worlds
(The ultimate in sim convenience: absolutely square corners.)

This is the southwest sim corner of Mikela Isle, one of the Solace Beach chain of sims. Whereas on prior sim builds like Good Day Sunshine:

Solace Beach,Second Life,build,virtual worlds
(The otter observation deck.)

or IAm the Walrus:

Solace Beach,Second Life,build,virtual worlds
(The tree by the tier payment station in Walrus, across the channel from Good Day.)

care was taken to trim a little bit off from each parcel, so there is room to lay out sidewalks around the sim. For a coherent look, this is what they want me to do.

How'ver, that sim edge (seen here at the northeast corner of Mikela):

Solace Beach,Second Life,build,virtual worlds
(The sandy side of Mikela Isle, directly across from Walrus and the Solace Isle sandbox.)

is really the sim edge! I can't build out over it.

This is definitely going to be tricky. I'll keep you posted.


Candy said...

Technically you can have prims hang out past the edge if the root/center of the prim or object is inside the sim. You won't be able to access it or walk on it, though, so it would be more for aethetics.


Emilly Orr said...

Right, and these have to be accessible sidewalks.

The first two sims were no problem--the big challenge was not going over the borders onto owned parcels, because of the way the parcels were done, and the prim bonus land. This one? At least two sides of it are parceled right to the sim edge. Which means, if I put sidewalks down, I'm eating into potentially owned space.

Edward Pearse said...

Firefly meets Airwolf? Ouch.

Emilly Orr said...

But of course. Now, if they can just track down a Jan-Michael Vincent clone...