Saturday, July 17, 2010

see the animal in his cage that you built, are you sure what side you're on?

I have a question:

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This is Tuttut Avium. (No, seriously. Check the profile, I can't make this stuph up.) This is what I want to know, though: is there someone seriously making troll avatar freebies somewhere?

Because I swear, I have seen this exact look--long-fingered green gloves, tennis shoes, pointed ears, bug eyes, squat form, and magenta shorts--several times last October, and now this guy.

What the hell?

the hell,surveys,wtf

And I don't think I have to do more to point out why this particular survey was odd, right? I mean...floppy discs? Beta VCRs? Yeah, let me just pull open Blue Wave to access my emails offline, before I dial up the BBS...Tch.

So, not sure anyone's noticed who's not, y'know, me...but I've been going through the sidebar of doom. Some things I won't change, some I will, but with the development of the shop blog, a lot of the shop-specific blog links are migrating.

And it seemed like a good time to work on the rest.

So it won't change any major functionality, but I'm dropping some tags, and shifting some things around, and eventually, it won't look quite so much like a yard sale; maybe more like an eclectic international bazaar.

Kind of.

Oh-and-your-obligatory-every-few-months-gesturing, towards-the-Amazon-slideshow. Buy things.

We're done now. (What? You want more of a sales pitch? Please.)

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