Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I've been trying to get to your heart but I'm chasing shadows

Hello Everyone,

I have some sad news that I am just as upset about as many of you may be. Due to real life circumstances, responsibilities and quite a few other reasons, we have decided to not bring Octoberville back this year. I am sorry and sad to say that, but it is something we realize we have to do. With out own personal schedules there is no way we will have the time to create the project. This was not an easy decision and we hope to return again next year. We love you for loving us. Thank You.
Master Kaos sent this out to the Octoberville group today. So, of course, my first reaction:

[18:16] Emilly Orr: No. Octoberville. This year.
[18:16] Fawkes Allen blinks.
[18:16] Emilly Orr: Which means...I have to hold that group for another whole year YOU BASTARDS
[18:17] Fawkes Allen: Huh, wow.

hen I got past that initial bit and gave it more thought. This is a huge undertaking every year. In no uncertain terms, they're really giving up the chance to make any sales on their sim for that entire month. They do get donations, because a lot of us love what they do and want to support it, but it's hard. They don't--they steadfastly refuse to--charge for entry on their sim.

Octoberville is evolving more and more into a yearly game; with prizes, sure, and dance events, spontaneous specific hunts for items, plus the ongoing storyline as it evolves. It's always something of a murder mystery--the who and the why change year to year--but we're always detectives, of a sort. And Octoberville, as a whole, is what we're trying to solve.

[18:21] Cherub Spectre: MK is just going through a VERY intensive computer animation school and it eats MUCH of his time
[18:21] Marion Whiteberry: you will be missed very much
[18:21] Cherub Spectre: we will miss you all too
[18:22] Cherub Spectre: yes please dont drop your tags..
[18:22] Cherub Spectre: we WILL be back

This is killing Cherub, I think. Because beyond all the drama that surfaces, from time to time, beyond the complaints, beyond the lag and the occasional griefing incidents and the vendors not working for customers just porting in to the store for a desk, or a chair...Cherub and Master Kaos love Octoberville. They love what they do. They love those moments when someone finds something that's been insanely difficult to find.

And we're there for them. We give them what we can--not because they demand it, but because we want to help. We attend the events we can--because they're fun, because Master Kaos is a great DJ, because we can't hunt for anything when there's an event on, anyway. And we devote a not insignificant amount of time to solving Octoberville, every year.

So will I stay in the group for another year? Absolutely. I'm pretty sure most of us will. And we'll look forward to hearing from them near the end of 2011--should the sim still be there, should Second Life still be here.

Because we're detectives, now. And we want to know how it happened.

Good luck, guys--we'll be pulling for you.

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