Tuesday, July 13, 2010

but you see that line there moving through the station?

Two more days of Operation Squeegee, and I have fallen far far behind on my blogging!

So here's some quick catch-up:

Second Life,Operation Squeegee,fashion,charity

This is actually two items in one. First, the antlers. I had separate picks of the antlers, but, for all its loveliness, taking pictures in Winterfell that aren't photographically enhanced is tricky--it's perpetual twilight there. So I took them by the fire, and...well, everything came out well-lit, but remarkably orange.

So, I thought I'd put out the Iris Chair next to one of the trees. I may leave it out, it's ten prims of gorgeously realistic oversized iris; and the antlers...frankly, they're a very very simple pair of antlers, three prongs, as I recall, pale; with again, the detail of the lavender iris with the golden throat on each one.

But I love them. I really do, to the point where I've been wearing them for two days now.

Second Life,Operation Squeegee,fashion,charity

Did I mention the chair sparkles on touch? Ten prims and sparkly particle effects! These and the antlers are both from Fire Good and can be found for only one more day at the Operation Squeegee headquarters site in Ctrl Shift H.

Second Life,Operation Squeegee,fashion,charity

Haven's also a part of this event; and this is the little camisk thingy she pulled up. The colors are good here, but trust me, in person this thing almost shimmers. The shadowing is gorgeous, the color blending is top notch. It's one of the prettiest little outfits she's ever done.

Second Life,Operation Squeegee,fashion,charity

This is FaKE's triple-set--four, if you count the 'tattoo' layers of crude oiled arms/legs that I can't normally see on Snowglobe--that has been entitled Oily Water. This is the broomstick skirt, and the upper bikini section of the Oilkini.

Second Life,Operation Squeegee,fashion,charity

In a separate pack, you can also buy the Oily Water Wingtips. These are the backs...

Second Life,Operation Squeegee,fashion,charity

And these are the fronts. Everything is detailed in a, dare I say it, really pretty shimmering teal with brown-black 'oil drip' accents, and there's an additional patina layer on the backs of the shoes that reminds me of the tone oil takes when mixed with dangerous surfactants and churned by wave action.

If I have time I'll dig up more, but in the meantime, go to the Squeegee headquarters! We're offering you beauty and wonder to help pelicans, and help at least part of the coast survive. Their goal: $5000 (US). And they're pretty near that, with one whole night and day to go.

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