Tuesday, January 1, 2008

so hard for a good soul to survive

Miss Subversive Vavoom has done it again.

The justifiably famous doll advocate--she owns All Dolled Up in Salutaris--has now opened the Clockwork Cafe next to it. A seaside resort--you can sit in the courtyard and listen to the surf--as well as a teahouse, but with one subtle difference: it welcomes all, but it's designed for the clockwork set--the dolls, the constructs, the toys, the steampunk souls who wander through.


(The exterior and courtyard of the Clockwork Cafe.)


(Bit of difficulty rezzing things in, but that's me--due to the preponderance of sculpts, but one view of the interior of the Cafe.)

Inside, the music is tastefully vintage--one can apparently change it if one touches the table Gramophone, but I saw no need--and there's a selection of teahouse edibles on a table. The art is striking, there's a set of fun free steampunk things under the clockwork tree, and plenty of places to sit and to dance.


(The Gramophone in question. Touch for a wonderful selection of preset stations, from baroque to jazz to Radio Akasha.)


(Far shot of the Cafe, with the clockwork tree, which will be out for a few more days, so go check that out now!)

There's a raised area with vintage posters (for sale if desired) and some surprising comfortable seating made from outdated constructs, gears and rusted fabric. A small fire to warm the joints completes the talking area, and leads to a spiral staircase to the second floor.


(The platform with extra seating, and the lovely little fire.)


(Shot upstairs of the vintage posters, Toulouse Lautrec and similar lovely offerings.)

Upstairs, you'll find more posters, and a lovely version of mahjongg--not only playable, but if you want your own to take home, click for a copy--to while away the hours. All in all? A wonder, a lovely build, and a beautifully designed space.


(The mahjongg table upstairs.)

I'm quite taken. She's looking to start having events, of an evening, contact her for more information. And do drop by for the freebies under the clockwork tree--soon!

In the meantime...


Yes, I quite think I like it here.


turnerBroadcasting said...

beautiful. I am so ignoring so much SL architecture these days.

sort of like a cross between a wright / sort of architecture and
alfonse mucha ... and code 46.

i like.
hm. maybe I'll log back in , in a few days.

when i have "Free time". i guess.

Emilly Orr said...

The WoW monkey would have free time?


...I mean, oh, that sounds nice. :)

doll said...

I'm *extremely* happy that you like this build Emilly... I was slightly concerned that people (moreso in the EGL comm.) would expect a 'doll' place to look differently (/me scratches head thinking how silly that is!) but the combination of some steampunk, vintage, gothic (picked up some new furniture yesterday) and just standarad savoirfaire for a 'cafe' like bistro sets all thrown into what could be called an abandoned factory (minus all the rust/grunge you see in most of those) seem to work! I'm thinking of doing an elaborate clockwork piece for the front of the building with it's name emblazoned on the front. If you'd like more info please visit us inworld or my blog at http://dollbox.vox.com/
Thanks again dear!

Emilly Orr said...

MUAHAHAHA...I mean, oh, thank you, you're linked now. :)

I think you've captured the feel you want. Having done the 'coffeehouse' thing in reconditioned factory spaces--St. Mark's Coffeehouse (note the fabulous iron scrollwork 'throne chair' in the photos) and Paris on the Platte in Denver, are two examples that come to mind--you've managed to capture that sort of, throw-together of architecture/furniture/style motifs well.

Rust is nearly a fetish of mine, on occasion--rust is fire in slow motion--but it's also not always essential. There are enough 'decayed' builds out there.

Though I love the idea of the clockwork front. :)