Saturday, January 5, 2008

meet me at the fair

Celebrate, dance and make merry, for today is Twelfth Night! Celebrate the reign of the Lord and Lady of Misrule! Celebrate, for we have called CARNIVALE on the shores of Wellsian!

Also, the opening of the H. G. Wells Memorial Branch Library, which currently has a wonderful exhibit on the history of Mardi Gras, Carnivale, and New Orleans at the turn of the century.

I have pictures. :)


You should know, this was literally the best I could do...two hours in to dancing in Wellsian, and some people still had not fully rezzed in for me. We had SO MANY one point, we had MORE THAN SIXTY PEOPLE in Wellsian, and WE DID NOT CRASH. I'm very proud of Caledon for that.


Lord Brideswell, Mr. Elrik Merlin, and Miss Soliel Snook opened the first three hours of Carnivale celebration. Did ably well by all reports, and having observed for the last hour of their three, I'd have to agree. We're pleased to have Miss Snook aboard as a Radio Riel hostess (so says the also very new hostess, but shhh).


Mr. Hassanov, once he appeared, was rather despondent that his mask did not, in fact, hide his identity. I tried to cheer him by saying that was a good thing, and in fact, being identifiable--and trusted to be--is a good thing! He agreed after a fashion. :)


Myself, the hostess for the last three hours of the event, dancing next to wench-for-a-day Duchess Gabi. Apparently I hadn't rezzed in for everyone, until halfway through, when I did, and the collective jaw dropped. When the reaction died down, I was asked about the outfit.

I told the gathered crowd--and it was a large crowd--that I'd been advised by someone that the recommended dress was "minimal".

They asked me who'd given me the recommendation. I had to be honest and say Lord Bardhaven was the one who told me.

At least one man pledged to buy him a drink, and many sent their thanks. So Lord Bardhaven, you apparently made many Caledonians somewhat happier today.


All I know is, I had so much fun dancing! I tried to remember to toss in all the information on the Library, the exhibit, and Carnivale I could remember, and I think I did okay. Mostly? I was just having fun, and everyone else was too. It was a wonderful launch of Caledon's latest literary institution.


At least one fellow surrendered to the allure of crossdressing when it was openly mentioned as being common in Caledon. Kudos for peer pressure!


And then, the alien war engine arrived! With barely a sound, it landed--thankfully no one was hurt!--and I froze for a moment, barely daring to breathe.

Several women shrieked, and I hoped desperately that bloodshed could be averted.


It was very, very...VERY...tall. This is a shot from ground level of the war engine on its metal legs.


And then, with barely additional sound, it began to make its way east, ponderous step by ponderous step. Disaster was averted, but as to where it was bound...We did not know.


And then...the nuns arrived.

No, really. And not even a Steelhead SWAT team member! Someone else entirely, complete with halo!

It was a wonderful event, and a smash of a send-off for Carnivale, and, more importantly, reinforced how beloved the Caledon library system--and Caledon librarians as well--are by Caledon at large!

I also have to send my personal thanks to all who attended--I am humbly, deeply grateful to you all. I have never felt so rewarded for any effort as I did today. All of you went above and beyond the call of any duty, in providing largesse through Linden renumeration.

Put another way--you guys way overtipped, but you all ROCK! Thank you so much!

The SLUrl at the top of this entry will bring you nearly to the door of the H. G. Wells Memorial Branch Library. Do, please, see the exhibits before they leave. Mr. Woodget put a great deal of thought and consideration into the history behind Carnivale and Mardi Gras, and the history of New Orleans. It should be appreciated, especially in this time post-Katrina, when so much has been lost, never to be seen again.

Do try to see it before it goes away. And never pass up a chance to learn! After all, what else is a second life good for, if not that?


Alexandra Rucker said...

Pity I only hear about these things AFTER the event.... :)

Emilly Orr said...

Well, my dear, you'd gone down for a nap, I think, or extended afk from the comp. Unless my friendslist was lying to me again, which, to be frank, it does all the time... I probably should have checked.

I am sorry!

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Fraulein Orr,

At least my wings rezzed for you faster than for me. The only pictures I managed to take are garbled with tags and screen-framing, and that was after I'd redmapped after dancing with Fraulein Rothschild.

I did appreciate your 'LOOK! AIR!' comment the most, I think. Not overtipped at all.


Klaus Wulfenbach

Emilly Orr said...


And thank you, indeed. I was, I still am, overwhelmed, but I'll gratefully take it with a thankful heart.

All in all, looking back over the first steps in this new job, I think I've done well.

* first ever hosting: killed Caledon Prime
* second ever hosting: opened and closed Many Midnights (mostly staying up in the process)
* third ever hosting: Carnivale in Wellsian

At this point, I think I'm ready for anything!

turnerBroadcasting said...

there is no such thing as overtipping.

getting rid of the lobbyists is a +good+ thing, emily.

wish I could go to a party. i am a chaste - er. ok. not so chaste.. monk dedicating his life to poetry. but hey. then again. whats a second life for?

Emilly Orr said...

there is no such thing as overtipping.


I'll try to keep that in mind.

And err...a...chaste...monk? Yeah, I didn't have so much luck with the last monk I met...

...on the other hand, you've never tried to strangle me with nine feet of tongue, either, so I think you're safe.

turner "chastity" broadcasting said...

Thats second +girlfriend+ not second life. man that brings back some wistful moments ...

Wait a minute! this is obviously the work of a succubus! such memories must have been "implanted" by her!!

* snaps himself out of it!

lets see we'll need some prayers here to fix this situation. succubi always run away from prayers.

wow thats a great background. by the way.. ok.. looking..

hmm... book about noam chomsky... he is such a cunning linguist... lets see... "spreadsheet at 25"... national geographic... "under the banner of heaven"... darn it.

ok . you get away this time, succubus!

but this chaste *(ahem) monk will
return so beware!

after all, in sl I was married to a lay priest RL. don't I get points for that?

the answer is jyess!!

nine feet of tongue... nine inches of ....

Emilly Orr said...

Wau, and that wasn't even that suggestive!

Apparently you're highly susceptible. :)