Friday, January 4, 2008

I was alone, falling free, trying my best not to forget

Let me tell you a bit about Timeless Underground.


This is an interesting little dance club. I don't know what they play normally, but I didn't feel like changing before I came out, so came out in my long fleur-de-lys duster, braided green hair, and fae wings--and no one batted an eye.

This is where her Grace, Duchess Gabrielle Riel--who one of my loves perpetually refers to as "Duchess Radio", hee--spins her trademark "Gen X" set twice a month. If this night was any indication, it's a great club, and a good venue for it.


They've got one of the more interesting dance floors, too, and also, something you don't see everywhere--the site is damage-enabled. They do warn you of this coming in--you get a notecard that pretty blatantly explains why--so keep this in mind, you can take damage in the club. Normally, it doesn't seem like a big deal, and no one during the entire set or the hour following got damaged, so I doubt it's that big a thing. It's just something to be aware of.


Now, they are addicted to particles at this location. It's what killed my attendance at Dorian Gray's, as much as I love that place. It's why I probably won't just hang out at Timeless beyond the Gen X sets. But it's worth the sacrifice for the music--and the retro-80's decor of the place completely works with the music, if it matters.


Some of their particle effects are stranger than most...and another strange thing I should mention: they have a skydancing platform. I have no pictures of this, because once I got on it, I was giggling too hard to take pictures!

But it's a large rotating circle platform in the air. Someone jumps on one side, you jump on the other--I don't know if it can support more than one on each side--and then off you go dancing! And spinning, a bit. Can induce vertigo. But it's very, very much fun!

All in all, five stars, or whatever appropriate symbol I'm not using for these reviews. Do check it out.

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