Saturday, January 12, 2008

and if I die today, I'll be the happy phantom

We're nearly five hours into the day of grand opening.


You see, perhaps it was overly ambitious, but...M. Allen declared a desire to mark the entire day for our store's opening. Due to the multiple time zones.

So for most of the day people are free to wander in and peruse the displays, but on occasion we'll actually be there.


Like this morning. We were there from midnight to...well, just now.

And it was small, and quiet, and mostly smooth, and we made at least one sale of the new revised CiCi, so that's wonderful...


CiCi. I am so very proud of my maddened inventor. He took an intriguing base concept and started at the very tip of her curving pseudo-feet and just went up from there. Where before he had a steam-driven clockwork avatar, now?

Now he has an elegant, curvaceous, fully articulated girl.

From the tips of her stiletto heels to the whirring gears in her head...the new brass lace 'nerves' across her burnished skin...the blinking eyes, the inset gears...

She's truly lovely. The heart and soul of what Autogenic, at its best, can be. I'm sure of this.


And people noticed. We didn't expect many people to come to the midnight opening, and in all fairness, we were still setting up at midnight, and weren't fully ready until two--but at two, we threw open the doors and I diffidently asked if there was interest amongst Caledonians at large.

The one thing we didn't expect, tonight, we got. A sale of the new CiCi. Within moments of her introduction into the world.

My inventor, do not despair. There is a place for your creations in the world.


By comparison, Kartiny's humble offerings seem just that--a selection of (I do hope!) tasteful boudoir photographs is in the right-hand tower, along with offerings of champagne and Keyed Lime pie, should patrons desire a nibble or a beverage. And in the left-hand tower, my initial texture offerings, plus a vendor for Bedlam Eyes and Kostume Moderne items--an evolving series in motion of gowns for the discriminating ladies of Caledon, who wish to travel the wilds of the mainland reaches, without perhaps revealing all their...hmm...assets?

I need to find a better way to display the clockwork citrus; I may simply duplicate the table I have in the right-hand tower, drag it over, and set up bowls of fruit there!


In the meantime, I can start breathing again. Any time. Just waiting for it.

Ah, but the big attack of nerves, I suppose, will be tonight--at nine to eleven pm, SLT, when the event we've actually advertised goes live--with music, dancing, and at the end--if it works!--the announcement of who won the contest!

Oh, yes, I should mention--all of today, we're running a contest. Come by, and purchase your very own Iron Plushie, our store's mascot, the sometimes adorable Clockwerk Klicker-Klack. That will enter your name in a drawing for your very own custom-colored CiCi! So if you're interested, then use the SLUrl at the beginning of this entry, buy one--or more; your name will be marked down as a separate entry every time, you can increase your chances that way!--Clockwerk, and come by during the actual grand opening event and see who wins!

No, you don't have to be present to win. We will notify the winner regardless. But we thought it would be a lovely idea--give everyone a chance to see CiCi Deux, plus M. Allen's other offerings (including Octavia Manor, the structure our grand opening is housed within!), plus, the fun of a dance and music at the end--and one lucky customer will get the chance to have a one-of-a-kind CiCi to enjoy!

What's not to love about that?

And, of course, finally offering up Clockwerk for sale. Because he's been pestering us to death that he's too cute not to have a price tag. Tch.


Alexandra Rucker said...

I did wonder what the build was for. I did pop in this weekend briefly and was quite tickled to see it in use. A well done job as always. :)

turnerBroadcasting said...

If I die today I will be a ghost that will come back to my enemies and use their phone to make long distance phone calls to India.

Emilly Orr said...

It's weird, I loved that building to death, I could see it as a house, but really, a house without many 'traditional' aspects.

How'ver, if you take that house, and make it a store? It's staggeringly perfect. Too bad about the complaints, but there it is.

Emilly Orr said...

Turner: wau. Vindictive, aren't you?

Though it's funny. On the list for when I die: can ghosts use the net? :)