Thursday, January 24, 2008

I need something for protection, maybe flotsam junk will do just fine

((RP MODE...ish.))

Hollow girl. Hollow girl with a book and a sharpened stick snapped from a rowan tree, blackened along the bark. Asked and answered, and the lightning fell, and she took the tree's offering, one slender, twisted branch. Walked along the cliffside, rubbing the jagged ends against the weathered stones.


Hollow girl. Searching.

Nadya Lev. Photographer. Don't ask me how I got from Erté to Nadya Lev, but somehow I did. Not all of them are applicable images; but enough are interesting and neo-Victorian, I'm wondering if I could get that link to designers in-world. I'd love seeing some of the attire, used in her photographs, made for avatars.

At least one of the images features Tori Amos. For a twenty-four-year old photographer that names herself "amateur", she looks like anything but. I'm fascinated with how she costumes people.

Hollow girl. The susurrance of shore against sand matching the slide of her bare feet against wet dark stones. One hand searching the basalt for entry points, something small enough to drag herself in. Lowering clouds overhead, chill hanging damp in the air. She's forgotten if it's midnight or midmorning.


Hollow girl. Searching.

Erté has always fascinated me. I've sketched out and discarded as impossible--at my current skill level--several of his designs. There's at least one of his jewelry designs that may well be impossible to achieve on the grid; much as I'd love to see if it could be done.

He's nearly always fascinated me, how he thinks of cloth, how he thinks to drape the figure. Even at the height of his popularity, some of his sketches could not be made real; they were clearly works of fashion fantasy.

Somehow, this led me to this very succinct definition of the difference between Art Nouveau and Art Deco. They're right, they're absolutely right, but I'd also say there's more Art Nouveau in America than people think.

Of course, there is more Art Deco, chrome and sharp edges and high-rising edifices, because it is a quintessential American design form. But there's Art Nouveau too.

A crack, a chink, a sliver of an opening, sharp by sharp and dragged through by gasps and whimpers. Small droplets of blood to follow progress of small fae, over to someone's long-abandoned seraglio by the sea. She slides the book she brought through limbo under the pillow and curls up, watching the saltwater fall through the ceiling opposite her.


Hollow girl. Resting.

Project Dollway is an interesting take on the 'reality show' and the fashion world anyway--it's run similarly to Project Runway, but with...well, dolls. Fashion dolls in specific, which does mean Barbie, but there's a lot of other brands there, and nearly all have had their faces enhanced, repainted. Which is not a bad thing, considering.

I think I'm going to have to follow this out, see where it goes, see what fashions it spawns. See if there's anything worth recreating, doll to avatar.

Hollow girl struggling against sleep, bleeding wings scattering drops along the mist-dampened silks around her. Hollow girl brought down just to breathing, to the one thing she has left to control. In. Out. In again. Her eyes slowly closes and she sleeps again.


Hollow girl, breathing. Still breathing. Hollow girl healing.

It's a start.

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