Monday, January 21, 2008

I'd like to be the first white hair upon your head

Post of randomness. I don't have many of those.

But the grid was weird this week, or maybe it was me, so...random. Strangeness.

Plus? Completely without realizing, the wee little Train Wreck crossed over the 10,000 hits mark.

Y'all are scary, you know that, right? And living breathing proof I'm not the only drama addict on the grid. :)

So. Some things one finds, are just so odd, one must post them.

Also...I'm still baffled by this: Activ8 is having a Victorian ball--the second Victorian ball, if that release is to be believed.

Activ8. Is having. A Victorian ball.

It stuns the mind, it does.

And something the Dark Victorians should know--the Hair that Should Not Be! Ooooh. (Though now having seen it? The hair, not that impressive. On the other hand, the designer has other art hair that's even prettier. So hey, could be grand find for those High Priestess moments, when you're minutes from needing to be in the underground temple below London and you just can't do a thing with your hair...)


This is...appalling. Leaving aside the fact that I'm not one with a severe distaste for pink, I am one with a severe distaste for cute. (Regardless of a third of Caledon apparently thinking I'm cute, gah.) Clicking for the larger image will tell you exactly where this was taken, but more to the point, you need to know two things:

1. The twee little unicorn is surrounded by brillant, glittering, animated pink shrubberies. (Yes. I said animated. I know, the horror...)

2. That thing has sit poses. *shudders*


It's been an uneven week, I'll be the first to admit that. And I very nearly let Duchess Gabi down, by forgetting entirely the time I was supposed to be at Timeless Underground. Yeep.

On the plus side, she seemed to forgive me, and so did the club, and I did my best (after I changed out of, err, an outfit I couldn't dance in) to send out notices, welcome people, and make sure everyone had a good time.

Hard not to at Timeless, really, working in that club is pretty effortless. They're a lovely bunch, and it's a great little space.

Until the fellow with the popcorn started flipping things out. Popcorn...burgers...the Sex Anvil...I sent a small slightly terse note to the manager, because with the particles from their dance floor and all the extra prim action, it was going to start crashing people...and was told, oh, he's done, no big deal...

...and then he dropped the house on the dance floor. So I'll remember that, from now on. 99% cool guy with the Sex Anvil. Okay, not a bad jerk-to-coolness ratio, overall.


This was back during the holidays. This is what happens when you edit your face, crash right after--which, in my case for some reason, usually rolls me back a few minutes--and then log in and get ported to Bare Rose.

If the side profile doesn't give it to you, how weird this was, let me show you a full-on photo:


My NOSE is gone! Whereb by dose go?

And not just that, but the muzzle is damned weird, shapes are pulled to the side, and the longer flexi whiskers I'd made? Are, at that point, straight with zero flex.



The Buddha on Ohana Isle. Ohana is an island that is largely comprised of mini-islands, with lots of waterways and occasional arching bridges between them. Mostly, it gives each vendor their own little mini-isle to play with, which can be cool, or can be odd.

Chalk this one up under odd. Buddha, check. Meditation flame, check. Bamboo, check. Other tropical plants, check.

Snow. Whatha??


Another one from Ohana.

Look, I know there are a lot of weird fetishes on SL. I've participated in some of them.

But I don't think SL is ready for Disney mouse-eared weddings. Just no.


Finally, one from Grendel's. Iddint she just the most precious li'l thing...

You'll get an idea of the scale if you click for the larger pic.

Pygmy elephant avs. Who knew?


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

The pink with the unicorn thing should have free sick bags when you click on it.

And I've seen edefant tinies before (Miss Paravane has one) so pigmy edefants is similar. Nice texture on the skin though.

Emilly Orr said...

It's worse in person, that unicorn thing. I'm not kidding, the bushes to either side of it glitter and pulse.

It is a great texture on the wee pachyderm, too, and I don't know if it's actually from Grendels, I just saw it at Grendels. Oddity, though, either way.