Tuesday, January 8, 2008

all you crazy people, come on, jump around

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Google goes chainmail.

Alas, few of my pictures from der Hut des Jaegers came out. I'm very sad.


But we did open, finally! This was towards the end of the event, where our guests--few but invigorating--had started to meander out. In order: Miss Subversive Vavoom (in white); little miss Allen (must cut back on the Hyde retrovirus, she's mutating again), myself in Jagerkin purple, and Miss Neome in Jager silver (dancing near the back wall); Mr. Roy Smashcan (in one chair by the fire); a gentlemen in black whose name I fail to recall; Dr. Mason in the other fireside chair (in "healer" green?); Miss Searra Weatherwax, also in green; and the founder and proprietress, Frau Annechen Lowey.

We lacked Black Frost Ale, we're working on it; and the very unstable mixer of very unstable scientific drinks poofed when touched. Alas. (Though apparently we should be grateful it didn't explode.) We also had champagne (as suits an opening!), a very fine absinthe, and later, a tray of shots of Jägermeister (as the bottle of Jägermonster intoxicants is also under work).


No sooner than the Doctor had mentioned the Doubtful Guest, but he appeared in the bar, tearing up Heterodyne histories and Baron Wulfenbach's hastily scribbled notes for grid domina--err, embassy plans...Drat it all, Doctor! How can we rid ourselves of this destructive beastie?


Another shot of the bar layout. More or less clockwise: the Doubtful Guest, having been accosted by black fire and worse, rude words, now attacks the blithely dancing Fawkes; Mr. Smashcan and Doctor Mason sigh with ennui; Miss Weatherwax, Frau Lowey, and Miss Vavoom dance bravely through the night; the unnamed gentle looks on.

I have the purple hair next to the bar, imbibing absinthe (or had I moved to Jäger shots at that point?) by the glassful. Note: Never do this.

Of note in this shot: the nicely detailed map of Europa, provided to us by Baron Wulfenbach; the Steelhead Harborside notice, which Frau Lowey states will remain up until every parcel is rented; and, barely visible, the Brain in the Jar which takes donations to support the pub if myself or Frau Lowey are not there, and just barely visible, the silver box containing the Mimmoth Detector.

(I myself may have to acquire one. I'm just not comfortable around Mimmoths. After all, a steam-powered version did take one of my lives...)

I don't remember much else. I do know that Colonel O'Toole started table-dancing at one point (sadly, those pictures didn't come out) and Miss Vavoom, not to be outdone, started dancing on the bar (thankfully, no glasses were harmed, not that we don't expect to lose some here and there). The next thing I remember...

...we'd gone shoe-shopping in another sim. Never mix Jäger and absinthe, I guess, is the lesson there.


Tesla Miles makes shoes.

But look at the shoes! These are from her "Ziggy" line, I believe the Enlighten color, and Miss Lyanis Sin is cordially modeling these for me from her personal collection. They retail for L$399 at present, come in a basic brocade black, and seven other variant shades--one of which is red and green for the holidays and currently free.

Yes, you heard me. It's more than worthwhile going to her store and getting the free pair, seeing how they look on, and then contemplating investing.

Now, you will notice a few flaws. I'm not trying to minimize these. There's some fadethrough oddity on the back lower side of the right boot, I believe, though wearing a complimentary stocking tone to the boot's base color 'fixed' this issue for me. Also, as you can see, on Miss Sin the right front tip of the shoe seems oddly cut off. (I thought it was the sculpt at first, but it turns out it's just the way the invisi-prim cuts across it.)

Miss Sin, as we learned, was a close friend of Miss Miles. She absolutely fell in love with Miss Neome's little pixie avatar, and told us to come with her, she needed to show us something.


Somewhere underneath Tesla City (a roleplaying sim) is an underground sea. It's not the usual, because I'm not sure there's an exit, and in addition to a ship run aground, it has the fusillage and the cone of an airplane submerged underwater.

It's lovely though. Truly lovely. This is me wearing Steam Powered Industries' Magnifocal glasses, Seven's Selection Ragged Fairy Wings in Jewel Dark, and Silent Sparrow's Kiri outfit. The ship, though, is the main wonder--standing, on an angled deck, in this large cavernous space, while the ropes creak and the sails flutter in some unknown wind. Mind-blowing.

Also mindblowing--if you go here you can see why Miss Sin took us to the grotto--she wanted a really, really good picture of Miss Neome. And she got one.

We asked her to send a copy to Miss Jen Shikami, one of the designers behind the micro-pixie--because she had to see it. She nearly immediately posted it to her Flickr group. High praise indeed, Miss Sin--truly, you have an eye for photographic art.

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And this one's just an old shot of limbo, during the time I was losing the ability to change. Towards the end of that night? All I had left was the tail. And the eyes. Neko eyes do not much of a neko presence make...


At least it resolved. That's a good.

And oh no:

Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures

Damn. No wonder Edward says my innocent face needs work. I was practicing that one!

Reminder to self: must find better innocent face to imitate. Like...um...

Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures




Frau Lowey said...

Very good, and because we had not received the specific imbibables, there is another reason for a party with each new release. Ah, with the proposed remodel, the opening of the spring on the hillside, various obtuse historical references to alcohol, and the occasional “I’m bored” moments, we should have no problems finding reasons to celebrate.

I had purchased a few pairs of the Teslas just before the opening, and found them to fit reasonably well, but I was also wearing stockings in the same colour values, so I missed what you pointed out about the thin spots. The shop also has the Mary Jane heels available for free in the display window.

Emilly Orr said...

Add to that, we have yet to have Mr. Szondi officially in the pub--since opening--so we'll need to throw a party for that, and mayhap, for each new Jaeger that joins, and any specific Consulate activities that want to be pub-based, and possibly a celebration of Winterfell Laudanum once it properly exists, and...and...and...

Yes. We should be fine.

I did go ahead and buy--which was it, the Enlighten, yes, and...ah! Birth, her basic black brocades. So I'll be able to check out the 'official' versions, see if the same thing happens for the non-holiday ones.

turnerBroadcasting said...

damnit I'm a mage I can only wear cloth armor.

Hey, will you do me a favor and proof out a poem I just wrote.
its on


Thank you shapeshifter grrrl

see you again I swear.

turnerBroadcasting said...

wow those shoes are really cool.

Emilly Orr said...

Not only that, but they're a set of sculpts my system loads *insanely* fast. The only thing that remains as the 'egg casing round' are the loops of the laces, which frankly, don't bug me until they end up resolving, because they're *small*.

And even them, they rez in most of the time. I'm definitely going to be following Ms. Miles.