Wednesday, May 30, 2007

you spin me right round

...what, it's another week already? Damn, how the time gets away from me when I'm in Limbo...

Yes, sadly, I've been spending a lot of time in Limbo. It always happens when I get a new Key, and we haven't even started enchanting it yet, this was just helping in the forging.

*sighs*...Anyway, I needed some cheering up. And little cheers me up like dressing in a sexy outfit and dead flesh...

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It's a zombie thing.

Oh, c'mon...

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So anyway, found this new club, well, it's not new, it's the club that friends of mine hang at, and it's interesting. Sort of looks like a hotel lobby, and they have lots of rules, but they seem fun, and their DJ plays GREAT, everyone was freaked out by the giant syringe. :)

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I think the main thing about days I get flung into limbo a lot is not to let it get to me. I let it get to me far too much. I've sought out some pretty unhealthy distractions to get past high-crash days. Trust me on this, anyone who knows me, knows my definition of 'unhealthy'. My brain tends to go weird places...

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But I'm discovering, I can have high-crash days and not want to curl up under the nearest solid object and shudder. I can fling in and out of limbo and still smile. I can have my life, and have my loves, and not come back on the grid seeking the nearest bearer of a whip or bad relationship.

This is growing up? Maybe?

If it is, I can handle being a grown-up.

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Besides, even if it's not, even if it's me, perpetually immature, going another round with the nothing...well, I'm still having fun dancing. And never pass up an opportunity to move. That's rule number five.

Some days, that's nearly better than rule number one.

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