Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm electrified by the city light

Peter Jackson--yes, that Peter Jackson--posted this very bizarre announcement video that he was going to be directing an episode of Dr. Who. Frankly, I'm surprised any of them managed to keep a straight face. It's fun and freakish and very, very much New Zealand humor.

I'm running low on what I'm going to be able to cover, which is argh. I hang my virtual head in shame. Possibly even hang my actual head in shame. There is much shame. But we move on.

The next thing I unpacked from the hunt was Facepalm's slinky green gown. Oi, Facepalm, why is there no alpha layer with this thing?? Because there are definitely times and poses where an alpha WOULD HAVE HELPED.

That being said, this is drop-dead gorgeous, start to finish.

Beyond the obvious irk over the lack of alpha layer, the only complaint I have on this one is with the template, which is not something the designer has control over. Even with that (the complaint being, the end of the dress tends to lift 'in place' as if it's molded plastic, not flowing cloth), though, there is serious slink in this one.

And from the back, there is a lovely, elegant drop revealing the back, without dipping into below-the-waist territory. Which means underwear on this one? Just fine. And if I really felt compelled for it, I could track down a set of pasties to cover the nipples underneath the bodice, but it's a very sensual, as well as classy, exposure.

And a close-up of the back detail, and yes, this is part of the mesh. Start to finish, this one's stunning, and worth the time to pick up. Alpha layer or no.

Well, this one was unexpected...

So The Untitled offered a mesh corset paired with a pair of shiny system-layer leggings, with spikes. I did not think this one through, because when I added the spikes, of course they went through the boots as well!

Also, this outfit is not for hugging, unless you're invested in injuring people, and yes, it will nick your arms now and again, depending on pose.

But it's excellently done, and again, the green/gold combo really works for this.

Sweet Revolutions turned in the "Throne of Envy", which is fun:

I love this particular chair, and it seems very adaptable. This, like the boots below, I honestly can't say I've seen a texturing of I didn't like.

Though I'm not entirely sure most of my furnishings will blend well with gold and green, I do plan on keeping this one.

And finally, Venomous Rage Designs brings the "Malice" boots to the Sinners' Hunt, and I have not yet seen a texturing of this particular boot template that I haven't loved.

Frozen added a hint of shimmery glow, and the only detraction is I'm going to have to do a wee bit of leg work to wear these, because with no-modify mesh, I can't adjust the size on the boots themselves.

Still, another item that works really well in the theme green.

And that's the hunt, or at least all I managed to blog in time. Tomorrow: Advent calendar posting!

(Eyes: "Moon" eyes in 'Autumn', medium iris, from Poetic Colors, acquired back in 2012.
Hair: EMO-tion's "LUNA" hair in Mahogany garnered during last year's Advent calendar run.
Skin: Glam Affair's "Arcade" gift skin, in Asia/01 A.
Makeup: MOCK Cosmetics' "Alluring" lipcolor in the awesome Mythic tone, which basically mattifies anything on the lips. The lips on the Glam Affair skin are rather vibrantly red.
Stockings (for the last shot): "Eclipse" Latex stockings in Moss, from SN@TCH.
Shoes: SHEY's thigh-high stiletto boots; they were a gift at the Biker's Fair this spring, but she has similar styles available for purchase at the store. I wear these a lot.)

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