Sunday, November 29, 2015

we can burn it down, we can rest when we're dead

So there's a preview for Twisted Krissmuss this year, which apparently involves its own sim and an ice rink. Which is a neat advancement, don't misunderstand me; but I still preferred the days of hopping around to various stores, looking for the holiday stand.

Eh, I've been on SL a while, maybe I'm just becoming set in my evil ways.

So, a while back, I said I'd be blogging for the Sinners' Hunt! Then NaNoWriMo ate my head. At 388,000+ words, I'm declaring a temporary reprieve for me, and getting back to the hunt blogging, 'cos there's literally one day left to find the items! Eep!

We're starting off with LnL Square's offering, which isn't specifically named (unless you're counting "0-260" as the name), and which was something of a bitch to get good detail shots for. The problem isn't that it doesn't have details--it's a system-layer outfit, but it's neatly done where the details are present. The problem was the rest of it was pretty much dead black, and that can be hard to get good pics of. (At least for me.)

So this is the outfit (without the flexi coat bottom intended for male wear) from the front, on the "Incongruent" Windlight setting and with the biggest, brightest photo light I could make.

And a shot from the back.

The thing I liked about this is that it's pretty low-prim to wear for hunting, dances, high-lag sims, and still pull off a polished look. I also like the way the skirt's constructed--it's essentially a fwe flexi panels attached to a huge bustle-positioned bow. Obviously, it will need to be adjusted for anyone who has mesh lower body attachments, but in general, anyone who's gotten into mesh parts isn't going to wear a system-layer outfit, anyway.

(Eyes: "Old Moss" eyes, medium iris, from Poetic Colors, acquired back in 2010.
Hair: Calla "Bugloss" updo from the Auburns color pack (Cherry Wood is the specific tone). I don't expect anyone to beat down Tigerlily Koi's door for this style, though--it is, no kidding, four years old. But I seem to be running thin on the ground for updo hairstyles. This is what happens from spending more time on modern sims than Victorian ones.
Skin: This one's a puzzlement. In my inventory, the folder says it's from "Sunskinshapes", containing the "Melanya" skin and shape. But inside the folder, it says this is the "MyDear Hygeia Skin" in Pale 3. And when I looked up the maker to get a SLUrl, all I found was a store called Insomnia. So...they either rebranded (even though I did get this in September of 2015), or changed their business entirely? No clue.
Shoes: The "Strapped In" stilettos in Ebony from :{MV}:.)

Next up: The Little Bat's 'Envy' corset/skirt combo.

Let me preface this by saying I normally adore The Little Bat. I've been in her group a long time, I like how she designs for the most part, I love how she adjusts her normal output for Twisted-themed offerings every time the Twisted hunt rolls around.

So this is not a complaint, precisely, I'm just saying this outfit didn't work for me, and I'll explain why.

The corset's fine. Mesh in several sizes, it fits well, has nice ribbon details and good lacing down the back. I like it.

It's mainly the skirt, and let me note again, there is nothing wrong with the skirt's construction. It is a perfectly serviceable, and even cute, mini. Good depth, good shading, and while I was trying to minimize the sort of 'flotation' effect of most mesh skirts by wearing it in the XS size, I can wear it in my standard M and be just fine.

FOR ME, again, being specific here, I prefer skirts that don't cut so low for more than one reason. First, I couldn't find a pair of underwear that I could wear without flashing the waistband, which just strikes me as the height of tacky. And with a skirt this short, I want underwear damn it. If the waistband was a little higher, it'd be great.

I am not the only person on the grid, though, and I've seen a lot of ladies in similar outfits. I predict this will go over very well with them, I'm just still too close to the neo-Victorians to be really comfortable with the cut.

(The only thing changed from the above 'wearing' list:
Hair: LeLutka's "Chill" hat hair in AuburnHaze.)

Last for this entry: Stargazer Creations' "Sinner's Lips". They don't really go with this skin tone, but I adore them. They're so shimmery.

01: I actually had this shade for a long time in RL, and I don't have it still only because the tube finally ran out. I love, love, LOVE this tone, and with the right skin, it's going to be brilliant.

02: here's your standard beetle-wing tone. Never had this as a lipstick, do have it as a nail polish, though. Again, brilliant execution.

03 is lovely, shimmery rose-red, with hints of silver and lilac.

04 I'd reserve, personally, for green skin. But with some of my green skins, it's going to be fun.

05 is another rose-red gloss, but this one has tones of gold, copper, and faint sunset-oranges to round it out.

And 06 is a standard purple, with touches of higher-gloos powder pink, peach, and fuschia.

All in all, these are absolute keepers, and highly encouraged for those of us who favor unusual lip shades.

More to come if I get to them in time!

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