Monday, November 2, 2015

she noticed a whistling down in her chest

Today I'm showing the "All I Want" mesh sack dress from MishMash Fusion, along with the "Killer Inside" shoes for SLINK High feet. (I don't have SLINK feet, so...well, you'll see later.)

So, the one big problem I noticed was, once I'd found a place to take good pictures, I still had a problem with my hair. Not all hair does this, some hairstyles I went through getting to this one were worse, but it's still a problem, and I don't see an easy resolution for it.

But this is the outfit from the front, full-on. Hair alpha-ing notwithstanding.

There will be poses on this particular shape that will cut across the design. Be aware going in. It's not a deal-breaker.

I love this little detail. The low belt with the little chain addition is very well done.

There's another little stud detail around the scoop neck. I really adore the deep, burnished bronze the designer went with for both the studs and the belt buckle and chains.

I can't decide if this is a texture flaw, or if it's intended. Dresses off the grid have seams, or places where the texture doesn't seamlessly adjoin, this just how the template behaved for texturing? Was it intended? I don't know.

It can fairly easily be covered with long hair, if it's an issue for anyone.

Here's the same little defect-or-design-edition from the side. Considering the main pattern is a spiral swirl, it may well be part of the original texturing, and be exactly as intended.

And from the lower back, where the design again meets in a seamless 'seam'.

And now to the shoes! So, as I don't have SLINK feet of any height, but still wanted to show the shoes that come with the outfit, my solution was to put on a leg/feet concealing alpha layer. So I'm actually kinda-sorta wearing these, just you can't actually see my feet, because they don't fit my feet well without the SLINKs.

These are pretty, though. It makes me want to hold onto them for when I do finally get the Lindens for a SLINK investment. And do you notice along the back, that little repeat of the bronze stud detail from the dress? Very well done.

(Other stuph:

(Sim for the dress: Grand Haven.
Stockings: Striped Stockings in Light green/Black, purchased from *katat0nik* back At some point.
Shoes: Laced Ankle Boots from Christine's.
Hair: Soonsiki "Diamond" dyed with the Galaxy color HUD, group gift from March of this year; might be able to find the style at Besom, but not sure.
Eyes: Twinkle Twinkle eyes in Envy (Soul Windows line) from .::IM CaPPed::. which was an Advent calendar gift from last December.
Skin: Nomine's Peacock skin. Still miss having Nomine on the grid.

Shoes were shot in my skybox.)

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