Monday, November 30, 2015

you're just gonna stand there and watch me burn?

First up: Vero Modero's "Wild Snake" dress and jacket combo.

Or, hmm. "Wild Dress Snake"? Makes more sense my way.

Or maybe it's the "Wild Dress", in "Snake"? Maybe that's it. AT ANY RATE, this is a cute little number that very nearly has a lettuce hem, and, while it can be worn by itself, I'm showing it with the very floofy bolero-length jacket. Not sure if I'll wear it more with the jacket or without, honestly.

Possibly more without, but I can see wearing the jacket by itself with other outfits.

Then Dark Water Designs' hunt gift, also titled "Envy":

Lovely, sleek look here. I know, I know, corset/maxiskirt is very nearly as much a default SL outfit as belt-worn-as-skirt, but this one's pretty.

And the shot from the back. I like this one.

How'ver, because I'm me...I had to pull out the male outfit, too. So here is the male outfit from Dark Warer, on Pouty Boy:

This is pretty much a slouchy pair of pencil jeans paired with a Nehru jacket with buckles. Still, it's a very polished look for basically only two colors.

This is the jacket from the back...lovely shading...

The back of the skinny jeans, not a lot for detail but the slouching/wrinkling makes up for it, for me at least.

The front of the skinny jeans...

A close-up of the buckle detail. Here's the only thing of which I'm not fond: the zipper. This could have so easily fit into neo-Victorian settings, steampunk settings, even, with the right additions, Western settings for a doctor, say, who's traveled internationally. With the zipper? It's modern. Bah.

But I still think Pouty Boy looks good in it.

And Souzou Eien made a set of green-tinted glasses:

I'd say, they're not exactly built for the width of my face...

...but they seem to match Pouty Boy pretty well.

Finally, Amaranthus made a poison ring.

It has a stone inset that is called "Pumpkin", which I'm actually thinking looks closer to goldstone, and comes in several mesh sizes that are unrigged, so may be adjusted.

Inside, are a mysterious collection of pills. Arsenic? Cyanide? Your guess is as good as mine; there's no markings on them. One touch opens the ring; another touch closes it.

(Eyes: "Moon" eyes in 'Autumn', medium iris, from Poetic Colors, acquired back in 2012.
Hair: LeLutka's "Chill" hat hair in AuburnHaze.
Skin: Glam Affair's "Arcade" gift skin, in Asia/01 A.
Makeup: MOCK Cosmetics' "Alluring" lipcolor in the awesome Mythic tone, which basically mattifies anything on the lips. The lips on the Glam Affair skin are rather vibrantly red.
Stockings/Garters: From the LE Edition "Azura" Blue Satin and Lace Cincher set, from Blacklace.
Shoes: SHEY's thigh-high stiletto boots; they were a gift at the Biker's Fair this spring, but she has similar styles available for purchase at the store. I wear these a lot.)

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