Sunday, November 1, 2015

we set fire to the snow

Second up on the Sinners' Hunt tour, Sinfully Seddy's Medusa tank top, and Slither layered shirt for men. Here goes.

So first up, the "Envy Me" shirt without implants. Pretty standard tank, cut a little high for me, but pretty perfect for being on trend for the rest of SL.

There's a tiny bit of jag on the sides of this (it's system layer, not mesh), but that may well be in the template/shirt style used.

The wrinkles and folds both on the side, and most especially the back, are beautifully done.

And shown with Lolas Tangos, wherein we see that a centered design motif really needs some hefty adjustment to be seen properly both on and below the ample bosom.

Next up--and try not to laugh too much--this is what happens when I realize I no longer have any male accoutrements in my inventory. (Not because I lost them, but because I threw them away over a year ago, when I decided that whatever benefit was gained from walking around looking more androgynous, and thus less molestable, is invalidated because my name's Emilly, and I always feel weird walking around as Emilly Male, y'know?

So pretty much everything was acquired on the Marketplace, for...I think three Linden, overall? I had a unisex hairstyle from Truth, worked pretty well, and I did a minor amount of work on the shape, but everything else was pretty much just unpacked and put on.

But this is the "Slither" layered shirt, which is mesh, and seems pretty well done, though not exceptionally shaded.

Dear gods, this boy is pouty. So, I kind of forgot this was a mesh shirt, not because it was bad, but because it moved so much like it was just standard--id est, waking around, sitting, laying down, running, it moved with the avatar really well.

And while there's not much for shading, being pretty much just straight black and straight green, there are a good amount of lived-in wrinkles along the mesh template, which adds to that whole "I am comfortable wearing this" feeling. That's a good thing.

The Sinners' Hunt: Envy should be open now. You can find more information on the Sinners' Hunt blog. It runs until November 31st.

(Other stuph used in the shots:)
Sim: Various places around Mallory Cove on the Harmony Garden sim.

(For the Envy Me female shirt: Skin: #Uniquity from Uniquity Body Shop (acquired in October of 2015, though I can't remember if I was in-store to do so or used their Marketplace).
Hair: Genesis in Black from Besom (group gift).
Eyes: Dolly Red freebie eyes from !!X Factor!!, acquired back in 2011; they might be available at the Marketplace link, but unsure.
Makeup: Because the lips were very red-orange on the skin, used the Mythic Neutralizer, then the Prarocana Masque makeover layer, both from [mock].
Pants: Istanbul Latex pants in Green from SN@TCH.
Panties (shown in the back shot, mostly): Lacey Days in Black from Lumae (gift from 2014's Cleavage event)
Shoes (not shown): Eartha boots, also from SN@TCH.

(For the Slither male layered shirt:
Skin: Patrick Gift Vampire Skin, available as a dollarbie on the Marketplace. Comes with painted-on black boxers.
Shape: The Damien shape dollarbie available on the Marketplace.
Hair: Gabriel in Raven from Truth.
Eyes: Liquid Light mesh eyes in Olive from Mayfly.
Makeup: Guyliner 2K from [mock] (group gift).
Pants: Jeans from the Casa Eros dollarbie outfit on the Marketplace.
Shoes (not shown): Standard stompy boots from this link on the Marketplace, which is credited to Nebukadnedzar Zane on the Marketplace, to Titus Yoshikawa in the box, and labeled as a Ronjas boot originally. (And I'm pretty sure Ronjas, at least as a business, is no longer around).

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