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it's very easy to be cold when there's no one in the world you want to know

And finally, we reach the last part. Keep in mind, parts one, two, three and four were all captured over the span of about two hours in-game. It's taken five entries for me to break it into indigestible chunks for rebroadcast. It was that mentally stunning.

[Zone] Mysty Ra Soulclaimer@shariedemystra: no we are not home of the slaves...actually slavery existed in Egypt and Arabia much before America even existed
[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: the us is not a democracy what do they teach kids these days its a dam republic

I know this wasn't what Dufas meant, but the concept of a real "dam republic" makes my brain giggle.

[Zone] raptorian@olddan56: socialism is totalitarism by another name
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: yes it is if used for good and not for bad
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: The King, as government, rules everything.
[Zone] Haven StoneShield@darylickdreams: our only chance to beat the bully monkey systems is democracy
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: but the prob is humans

To be fair, that's not entirely inaccurate either.

[Zone] Aminaç68@launter2: there is no thing called totalitarism
to·tal·i·tar·i·an·ism noun \(ˌ)tō-ˌta-lə-ˈter-ē-ə-ˌni-zəm\


     : centralized control by an autocratic authority
     : the political concept that the citizen should be totally subject to an absolute state authority

Usage of TOTALITARIANISM in a sentence:
In times of crisis, when a nation's people are frightened, there are often calls for totalitarianism.
First known use of TOTALITARIANISM: 1926.
[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: i say we go back to feudalism less worries more bloodshed keep the population down and the gears of war turning
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: The King, as government, is responsible for the health and well-being of the people.
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: they r to easyly corupted
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: so if this is going to be the way of the world let just go back to a gold standered
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: The people have to work to provide the King with taxes to pay for everything the King, as government does.
[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: long live the Republic
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: and mid evil times

From life tips to a return to feudalism...

[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: i say lets go back to tribal times
[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: cave man days
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: ther was much more honor atleast and no one hid who they r
[Zone] raptorian@olddan56: yup lords and vassels just around the corner
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: With Socialism, the people have to work to provide the Government with taxes, the only difference is the people elect a Prime Minister instead of a King inheriting the throne.
[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: hope so
[Zone] Ironfist@fireandice00: man with biggest stick is ruler
[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: cave man rules ftw

...and further, a return to hunter/gatherer life, where winters were hard, language was optional, and agriculture hadn't been invented yet. Seriously?

[Zone] Kira@evilscents: wher if someone had beef they didnt just talk #!(^%\$ on a game they did something about it
[Zone] Mysty Ra Soulclaimer@shariedemystra: sounds like a good idea..YOU go back to caveman days and start with throwing out your computer
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: Fine Line

No, that's actually a pretty broad line painted in bright neon.

[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: i would follow a king, kings used to have balls and fight along side thier troops
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: Instead of the people reporting to a ruling lord as in a monarchy, the people report to a government manager in a socialist nation.
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: oh its comming the second coming of the mid evil ages is coming

Apparently it's coming a lot...And, if you notice a distinct lack of icoco's ramblings in part V, it's because I'd given in to the impulse and muted him, along with a few other folks who got extremely objectionable.

[Zone] Mariwen Shattertusk@KidGloves: by that reasoning, you could say that the only difference between a constitutional democratic republic and a monarchy is that one elects its president and the other is based on inheritance
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: just wait give it maybe 5 more years

Until feudalism?!?

[Zone] Mariwen Shattertusk@KidGloves: socialism has a LOT of faults, but being a monarchy isn't one of them :D
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: this earth is going to go nuts
[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: there is something special about a ruler who will put his own life at risk for his people
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: No, a Constiutional Democratic Republic starts off with everything being legal until the government makes it illegal.
[Zone] Haven StoneShield@darylickdreams: noone can wield the ring of power will consume them
[Zone] mili arcane@ralamotts: X.X

And now to fandom. These people have the attention spans of impaired fruit flies.

[Zone] raptorian@olddan56: gov will take everything, nationalize it~too big to fail
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: and it woudnt just be usa prob its going to be the hole world prob
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: In a Monarchy, and socialism, the citizens have no rights until the government or King grants them that right.
[Zone] Aminaç68@launter2: polar you are incoherent
[Zone] mili arcane@ralamotts: THE PUTIN SYSTEM ROCKS

It does? Try asking Ukraine how much it rocks, at present.

[Zone] Mariwen Shattertusk@KidGloves: and if you want to counter by saying 'but north korea' - north korea isn't socialist, it's despostic. i think they're calling themselves a democracy these days because they had a 'vote'
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: and only the strong will survive

Well...there's a fair point here, throughout the raving, too. If there is a globally devastating event, be it war, climate shift, meteor strike, or disease, we're going to have more trouble than we know. Few of us have the life skills to return to the land, and scavenging for food and supplies only goes so far.

There's going to be a mass die-off of great, staggering amounts of the species, between general uprisings, lack of sanitation, medication running out, people eating the wrong things, and just general mishaps when no hospitals or clinics remain open.

Also, "despostic" is not a word.

[Zone] Daisey@yiax: the perfect form of governement is a absolute dictatorship under me
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: Aminac, you're just closed minded.
[Zone] Thoradin Swordsteel@TheWarhawke: socialism is a economic system not a form of government
[Zone] Aminaç68@launter2: north korea is a pure feudalistic state
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: no will be it going to happen when no one exspects it
[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: i think president putin is a smart leader

You're entitled to your opinion.

[Zone] raptorian@olddan56: revolution time folks
[Zone] Mariwen Shattertusk@KidGloves: north korea isn't feudal. it doesn't have a system of vassalage. it's straight up despotism.
[Zone] Haven StoneShield@darylickdreams: bs damned monkey bs ...strength in weakness progresses our race

"Strength in weakness progresses our race". That makes no sense. Unfortunately, "damned monkey bs" does, and I wish it didn't.

[Zone] Kira@evilscents: not even the sientist dont even know when

Ow, my brain.

[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: Socialism is both an economic system and a form of government.
[Zone] Ironfist@fireandice00: no i am god you all should do as i say

No. And you're really asking to be muted along with icoco, Ironfist.

[Zone] Justice@stellarstrider: You are silly for even putting weight into the labels. It's what's actually exercized that matters.
[Zone] Mariwen Shattertusk@KidGloves: despotism: there's a guy in charge. end of story.
[Zone] Daisey@yiax: give obama a break this presidency is his first real job

How do you figure? He was a lawyer before he was a teacher, he was a teacher before he was a Senator, and a Senator before he was President, so...? And that's not counting jobs he held during high school and collage.

[Zone] Magna Arcana@jaguarmagnus: Moo
[Zone] Magna Arcana@jaguarmagnus: Moo
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: now that racist

'Moo' is racist?!? To whom, cows?

[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: i would follow any legitamite ruler into battle so long as they actually were honest and trustworthy, however itas prolly easier to find a nun who like to give head than an honest ruler
[Zone] abbatoir@kikiseale: discussing politics with trolls and 14 year old potheads living in mommies basement must have some hidden payoff for you
[Zone] Ironfist@fireandice00: it hates you
[Zone] Mysty Ra Soulclaimer@shariedemystra: communism is actually a good system - until it comes to the admistration of it

I've heard that before. My mother used to say that Communism was the perfect governmental system, but Jesus would have to run it. Which, considering the secular intent of Communism, is laughably ironic.

[Zone] Kira@evilscents: but funny and atleast he is working that other dush didnt do sh1t but start a war that he never paid for
[Zone] raptorian@olddan56: get rid of the word of law and go back to the spirit of the law...takes away loopholes

"That other dush"? Which dush would that be? For that matter, what's a dush?

The Urban Dictionary tells me it's yet another tragic misspelling, but wau, is that an insulting entry.

[Zone] Vohen@acorvinus: hold one,let me say something to the Vegans
[Zone] Vohen@acorvinus: *$(* You
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: like his daddy
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: and cliton

Ah...I'm going to assume you meant "Clinton", there. Also, what's the hate-on for vegans, suddenly?

[Zone] Mariwen Shattertusk@KidGloves: The payoff for discussing politics with trolls and 14yr olds is mainly amusement at other people's expense. which probably makes me a troll... :/
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: who a vegan lol
[Zone] abbatoir@kikiseale: lol
[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: vegans are tasty
[Zone] abbatoir@kikiseale: and theres the payoff

Quite possibly.

[Zone] Kira@evilscents: well they might live longer then eat better
[Zone] Ironfist@fireandice00: vegans taste like chicken
[Zone] Mysty Ra Soulclaimer@shariedemystra: gotta love exercises in futility

Sadly, yes. And we're back to food again, so I guess, we've come full circle. ...Yay for synchronicity?

At any rate, that means we're done. So have a silky anteater to make up for it.

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