Wednesday, April 23, 2014

and I'm thrown in the gunfire of empty bullets

Today, the topic is Valindra! (Yes, more Neverwinter Zone chat.)

[Zone] Audrea Lore@jojokaiya: ... Has anyone ever wondered if we are actually the hero or the bad guy... I mean why did Valindra attack? She's got to have a reason right?
[Zone] Random Chance@Random_Chance: well, valindra is an undead sorceress, so it's pretty cut and dried

So this is who they're talking about; she's the main villain of Neverwinter.

[Zone] Quiver@mvffin1: I think she just hooked up with!, and he never called her back
[Zone] Audrea Lore@jojokaiya: Not unless they were betrayed or something.
[Zone] Fighter of Carabosse@andaron2: Audrea Lore, Valindra has killed many people (according to the civilians in the Dread Ring) and she had no plans to stop.
[Zone] One-eyed Jack@jimbrov: but what if they want to do good for much longer?

So...becoming a lich for good and decent reasons? I don't think that happens.

[Zone] Praxus@Perilaxe: valindra is mad because she has to pay the employer portion of obamacare
[Zone] Fighter of Carabosse@andaron2: WOW PRAXUS
[Zone] Faldorn@r1ot123: I could see that

...And then politics come into it...I'm no longer even surprised.

[Zone] One-eyed Jack@jimbrov: nobody is mad about that Praxus...she'll just raise prices
[Zone] Rysto@risto0: Salvatore wrote some books that give the back story to this game

That would be R.A. Salvatore, and yes, many of his books deal with the overarching stories behind Neverwinter as a city, and Faerun as a continent.

If you like hack-n-slash, sword-and-sorcery style fantasy, then he's one of the big voices in the field.

[Zone] Chance@starscale53: lol
[Zone] Lilith Basshead@ganjahero91: nerd alert


Seriously, people. We're a bunch of gamers playing orcs, elves, dwarves, humans and halflings who play uber-strong fighters, mystical archers, elemental wizards, sneaky rogues and healing clerics in a pseudo-medieval world where giant spiders and zombies are the norm, and you're bitching about the nerd factor of people who read?!? Have you gone stark raving?

[Zone] Audrea Lore@jojokaiya: See? lol I'm not too crazy. I just am playing throgh each toon and some of the quests make me wonder.

Nnnnngh. You had me until the hated 'T' word. You are not a toon, you are not playing a toon in Neverwinter, you are not playing a toon in any game you play. I have lost all respect for you, Audrea.

[Zone] Praxus@Perilaxe: valindra doesnt want to pay 18 cents more for a big johns pizza so she is rage quitting life and delaring war on all
[Zone] Lina the Nuker@fridaynitehooker: what the
[Zone] Audrea Lore@jojokaiya: I think she was queen or something and has come back to defend her death. lol
[Zone] Ashindra@Battlechimp3025: In general, good guys don't turn themselves into Liches :)

In general, no. They don't. So end of debate, we move on.

In the meantime, have some photos of Shaolin monks in training. That page doesn't attribute the photographer, but I believe it's Tomasz Gudzowaty.

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