Saturday, April 19, 2014

far from your fools, and lock the door

[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: no one ever wins debates online. Ever

See, honestly, I could have saved five entries just quoting this. Absolute truth of the universe, right there.

Alas, I wanted to have all of this play out, because I can't even say 'oh look, stupid Americans on parade'--because Neverwinter is, like Second Life, an international game. So these are idiotic opinions from around the globe, not just local idiotic opinions. Somehow, that doesn't make it better...

[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: just coz u´r stupid to make a point ...
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: go ignore me :)
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: if NY and cali slide into the ocean we'll be all set
So California, heart of the US's film industry, and New York, heart of the US's theatre industry? Do you have no eye towards culture, Fletcher?

[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: So hey, how about that Valindra, huh? She's really doing a number on the Dread Ring [Zone] Zerekia Downfall@korolla: there will still be florida
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: Dear gods, don't bring up Florida.
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: but america needs its (#@^%
[Zone] Stump@coolcarcrash1: That's what's wrong with russia

It has no Florida?

[Zone] Stump@coolcarcrash1: A state full of grumpy old people! UGGGHHHH!
[Zone] Greype Kneehigh@gimpocalypse: Where is Florida? after Dread Ring... I don't see it on the map? Is that a Mod 3 grind thing?
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: i only say that &$@#^#}* all european country wass in back iron cortain are right be racist with all thoose $#%@(^ invadators russians
[Zone] Stump@coolcarcrash1: Yeah, you go grind your way through Florida.. =P No thanks. I'll be opting out of that one.

[Zone] Cole Smith's Son@ceta1the1hawk: sounds like a "district" rather then a state,y'know Washington, DISTRICT of Columbia . . .
[Zone] Stump@coolcarcrash1: That's some nasty sh
[Zone] Kallista@rachitt: icoco , if you must troll it does help if you can be understood
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: they are interferee with no rights in others country they are the real imperialst

No, no, Kallista said understandable, not impenetrable, try to keep up.

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: they like gipsy lol:) hit one of them ..and putin send army to invade you :)

So, by your (flawed) reasoning, Russians are gypsies; Putin will invade if any Russian is harmed by anyone else; and gypsies are heavily armed and militarized.

You're wrong on all three counts, icoco. New record.

[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: Obama sent gays to Olypmpics so Putin sent tanks to Ukraine
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: sounds fair

It does?

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: for your single neuron.,,sure sound fair
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: Obama says pull out Putin says I'm almost finished honey
[Zone] Darkwind@darkviking101: one day they will find the cure for the gay disease

....What? And how did we move from Russia annexing Crimea to AIDS?

[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: gay isn't bad, only eco *(% and Obama gay
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: stupid one..i not english reader or writer... but i can make some difference between good and bad people $#}@%

Apparently, you can't. Or if you can, you can't manage to effectively communicate what you've learned.

[Zone] Aura Winters@ensignmartin189: I don't mind gay people but I can't stand hipsters.
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: I'm fine with gays. Got some in my family. But VEGANS? Sheeeit
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: i live in small town so we don't have hipsters yay
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: but Seattle is full of them

Because there always must be someone to hate, mustn't there? If there isn't, we'll just invent a category and lump some people into it.

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: and i tell to all ...russians ,,are just bad ....bad in all sense of word
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: leaders, Icoco. Leaders. Never blame the people for what power-mad leaders do
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: read some history..are not writed be russians ofc

What. Are you. Trying. To SAY?!?

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: power mean help people ,,not subjugate ,them

No, power generally means corruption and callous behavior. An ethical code means people are likelier to be helped. Combine power and ethics and sometimes, sometimes, you get powerful people who want to help, but in general, that rarely happens.

But trust me--there's more people willing to tip, willing to donate to helpful causes, and willing to volunteer in the cheap seats than will ever be in the thrones of industry.

[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: racism is bad.....m'kay
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: in this case, just about every world leader out there has been corrupted by money. They use their power for evil
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: be racism with one are tormented nations ,,are not so ba d lol ..
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: Even Lord Neverwinter has his subjects slaving for AD

To be fair...But getting back to icoco, why does he hate Russians so much? Because he doesn't just seem to despise the current leadership, but everyone who's ever been born in the USSR. Why? Combined with his skewed idealism, and total lack of understanding on how politics work, it's really, really strange.

[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: This is sadly true, but on the other hand, Neverwinter's trying to rebuild an entire city. Easier to bribe adventurers most of the time.

Because seriously, what else are we going to do? We're flooding into the city from the outreaches, he has to do something with us...Might as well put us to work slaying magical beasts and risen dead, so his rank-and-file workers and tradesmen can get back to work rebuilding.

If that costs him Astrals, well, he's got them to spare. What he lacks are people that can kill things without qualms, that aren't already in the military. So it works out.

[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: if you feel so tormented why don't u just leave?
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: oh that's right coz you're a lazy @!) who thinks world's gonna give in to him

And now from politics to the welfare state...Do any of these people have a focused point to make?!?

[Zone] Peren Loreweaver@ceta1the1hawk: what I don't understand is a guy wanting to be a transsexual -- but who wants to be a lesbian????

Whaaaat? And now from welfare to transsexuality???

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: lol..i sense some frustrated pll here ?
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: I think all of us are frustrated - that's why we try to escape in this game
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: so we don't kill ppl in rl
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: It's a fair point.

Plus, your incoherency doesn't help, icoco.

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: i come ,, and i leave  when i like (@$#^ just a game here,,,,be done with tahta
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: personally i play this game coz im bored but oh well
[Zone] Woden@throsbi: i play this game cause its free and im so poor the only thing i can spend is time
[Zone] Moar Buzz@clevengerobert: if you're bored, read a book. Hate your life? Play Neverwinter.
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: where did that logic came from
[Zone] Fade@rachitt: gender indentity and sexusal preferance are two differnet things

So are "gender identity" and "sexual preference" from what you typed out.

[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: i read books i study i play games and i meet friends not so hard
[Zone] mariynth@petonious: I'm so broke... I can't pay attention
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: and im broke too ;p
[Zone] Edward@eddiestac: what are these friends you speak of?
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: And many of us don't hate our lives, we love the world here. Big difference.
[Zone] Aura Winters@ensignmartin189: Lol D andD nerds are some of the happiest, most fulfilled people I've ever met.

Good? Though, wait. You're playing Neverwinter, an online fantasy MMO based on the D and D campaign world, and you're calling the rest of us nerds??

[Zone] Woden@throsbi: i love life i just hate what its done to me ;)
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: you guys just need to seek ppl you feel comfortable around
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: hate your life ,,and ply newerwinter is good...maybe you can understood your problems..and make some adjustments

And now life tips from the idiot. Joy.

[Zone] Moar Buzz@clevengerobert: yeah hate is a harsh word, maybe dislike? thumbs down... better
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: if that not help..emigrate on russia :)(

Shut the hell up, icoco.

[Zone] mariynth@petonious: I bought my firs D andDS basic set back in '81 at a teen
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: you guys are too pesimistic
[Zone] Woden@throsbi: i remember the boxed sets red, blue, black hmmm forgot the other one

Yep. In 1974 there was the white box set, which was essentially just a basic printing with three little booklets with rudimentary rules. More people found out about it with the blue box, from 1977--AKA D and D 2nd version. That came with booklets, too, but 2-color printing on occasion, and clear plastic sheets with hex grid markings. The same year, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons was released, which many consider the first "official" set, because it was the first one printed as a hardbound book, instead of a portable game box.

In 1981, D and D 3rd version was released (it came in a vaguely fuchsia box), and a bit later, an "Expert" box set was released, that came in a light blue cardboard box.

In 1983, all the core rulebooks were reprinted with new cover art, and orange spines; in addition, from 1983 to 1985, five more box sets were released. The "Basic" version came in red (referred to above), followed by the "Expert" set again in blue, the "Companion" set in a teal box, the "Master" set in an all-black box, and then finally the "Immortals" set (that one came in a gold box, and it's fairly difficult to find now).

Then in 1989, AD and D 2nd Edition hit the store shelves, and that one is the one that most people remember starting out with.

[Zone] Emmeric Belasco@ironknights1964: some things you can change. Some things you can't Be happy with what you have
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: neah,,we are make some joke here,,but some are so frustrated be dialogues
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: sounds like not everyone is joking

Of course not. The problem is which ones are deadly serious and which ones don't know what they're talking about. Plus, icoco, you're still blathering incoherently.

[Zone] Emmeric Belasco@ironknights1964: personally, I think politics is all stick and carrot, specifically designed to irritate the masses
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: but i got the "what is "friend" thing ;p
[[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: their buisness
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: optimists are easy to kill because they don't think you will
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: paranoids are tough

Generally, yes. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: i have no respect for politicians and for judges (police is a different thing)
[Zone] Emmeric Belasco@ironknights1964: police have a tough job
[Zone] Matrumlas@matrumlus123: I play a few hours per day and I like to help others
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: yury get very owned be van damme  ($#@}# :)
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: -ism and -ist ... are gaz

I have no idea what anyone's saying anymore.

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